International Gardening EXPO in Taipei City

If you are thinking about traveling anywhere this year, you will want to enjoy your experience in the most special and exciting way possible. But deciding on a location that has many things of interest can prove to be a time-consuming, research process. I would like to make a simple suggestion–Taipei City in Taiwan. It is, by far, the best place to be on the planet.

This year will mark the first time Taiwan will be holding the International Calibrating Gardening Exposition. It will officially open on November 6th, 2010 and will run all the way through April 25th, 2011.This event will only add to what is known as the cultural center of Taiwan. It’s not surprising that Taipei City was chosen as the seventh city to host this very special cultural event.

Taipei City is located on the northern- most tip of Taiwan. It’s the home of many cultural collectives. Besides the annual high-tech production value worth upwards of 50 billion US dollars, the city maintains abundant natural resources such as Yangmingshan National Park, volcanoes and hot springs. The National Palace Museum preserves more than 640,000 pieces of cultural relics, artifacts and world class artistic creations.

And if you ever feel the need to explore, you can always check out places like the night markets. At these popular stalls, you can purchase authentic Taiwanese food, clothing and other consumer goods. Maybe you’d like to visit a temple or shrine; Taipei is rich in these beautifully crafted architectures. Or you could indulge in a film event. You’ll have no problem finding the theater or movie to suit your individual viewing pleasure. It truly is a unique city to visit in Asia.

But you may find it hard to stray away from what the EXPO has to offer. Unlike many previous expositions, which were held in suburbs like Kunming, Hamanko and Chiang Mai, the EXPO will take place in the central area of the metropolis as a response to citizen’s desire for more green lands. Urban renewal has incorporated plans and designs of this EXPO; every site blends with the ideas of urban re-engineering.

Many people are becoming aware and proactive about preserving, revitalizing and creating green and eco-friendly resources. The EXPO is proof that information-awareness is spreading throughout the globe. The extraordinary event is estimated to attract more than six million people. This helps to establish industry value, which intensify aspects such as tourism, catering, gardening and biotechnology in Taiwan and neighboring countries. The opportunity will transfer Taipei into a new and even more charming city. A truly unique blend of gardening and civilization.