Interview with La Peau Spa Everlyn Ho

Founder of La Peau Day Spa
Renowned expert in Permanent Makeup
Best New York Makeup Artist, Citysearch 2009, 2010
Exclusive Beauty Consultant for
Miss Chinese NY beauty pageant for 18 years

Q: As a make-up artist, what are some popular colors used for Spring and Summer?
A: Some popular colors would definitely be all different shades of pink. Other colors would be purple and gold.

Q: Tell me about your favorite colors to use for the warmer seasons.
A: I really like the pink, green, gold and purple colors! Very vibrant and edgy.

Q: Is there anything else you use to apply on your face for summer?
A: Well, first I apply a primer and then I go with foundation to shade and balance out the shading.

Q: Also, what kind of make-up and outfit combination do you wear for a night out?
A: A fun night out on the town calls for my darker color palettes. I prefer rocking the purple, brown or black color for the eyes and nothing too strong for the lips since it will only clash with the other colors.

Q: If there is one important advice to the all our Asian Fusion readers, it would be…?
A: Always, always, use an effective make-up remover every night before you go to bed. Cleanse and rinse thoroughly. Make sure you
never skip this daily routine!

Q: During the swimsuit photo shoot, tell me a little about the make-up you did for the female models.
A: For the girls, I used bold and colorful spring and summery colors for their eyes. Even though there were a lot of strong colors on the face, I wanted to have it look natural and fresh as much as possible. Gold, yellow, green and pink were the main colors.

Q: For the male swimsuit model, what kind of make-up did you apply on him?
A: He did not require a ton of make-up so, I applied a few dabs of concealer on his undereyes, a little bit of bronzer and powdered his nose to balance the shade. Nice and simple.

Q: In your opinion, what are the best colors to wear with a swimsuit?
A: I love shimmer and shiny colors yet natural looking. A nice green shade will also give that pop of radiance with a bikini! If green isn’t
your preferred color, I suggest going with a neutral color palette such as brown or a nude color.

Q: Going to the beach means playing in the water, beach activities and sun tanning which all results in sweating! What’s the best way to
enjoy a day on the beach with make-up staying put without smudges and smears?
A: The best way to prevent this is to put on oil control products to neutralize the oils in the skin.

Q: Last but not least, tell us about your new promotion at La Peau!
A: I am introducing a new laser hair removal service. Totally and completely painless! Everyone should try this out. The machine is called 808nm Diode Laser, it is generated from Germany and effectively penetrates deep into dermis and is absorbed by the melanin.
The laser energy transforms to thermal, which damages the hair papilla without damaging the surrounding tissue to achieve effective hair removal.