Interview with Thai Designer-Dahn Duangkamol

By Cecilia Sha

Dahn Duangkamol is a cheerful and optimistic Thai girl currently residing in New York, Her namesake line “DHAN” label is described as minimal & futuristic with a sophisticated architectural feel. The collection is attracting plenty of attention for its well thought-out structured, razor-sharp taken on minimalism. She creates structurally interesting shapes by adding asymmetrical cutting lines and unusual neck, sleeves and bottom hem construction. Her design reminds me the sci-fi movies and futuristic vision. So let’s get into the great interview

Q: Could u tell us a little bit about your background?

Dhan: I graduated from King Monkut’s Institute of Technology in Thailand, 2002. After, I worked as a graphic designer at Mono Magazine and DNA Magazine. In my work, I did photo shot, layout, illustration…I was involved in fashion and I think it was beautiful so I felt like I want to do something of that. Actually, a few years later, I had my own small store making my clothes sold in Bangkok, and I kept working on it for four years. I didn’t plan it, I just do it with my own way. While the same time, I was an assistant designer for Inspired by Inner Complexity, a Thai firm.

Q: Why did you decide to come to New York to chase your designer career.

Dhan: When I worked as the designer assistant, I realized that I love Futurism, I love Avant-garde and I want to learn more… Also, my friend told me if I want to know the real business, I should go New York. Finally, I applied the one-year fashion design program in FIT and I packed my stuff and flied to New York.

Q: How is your school life?

Dhan: I love FIT, I started to learn how to sew, how to drape fabric… those kind of technic skills. I love their concept, they teach you how to be an independent designer, that means u know how to designs, you also know how to do your small business by your own, or you can learn how to be in the industry.

Q: Who’s your designer inspiration?

A: I love a lot of designers, like Martin Margiela, Rodarte and I like Givenchy!

Q: What’s your next plan?

A: my plan is building my portfolio here and when I go back to Thailand, I will do the selling part and produce, and really build a company.