Introducing Madame President Everlyn Ho

By Shu Min Xu

This past autumn, Asian Fusion had an exclusive look behind the scenes at the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant, one of the largest entertainment events in the Asian-American community. On a chilly winter’s day, I paid a visit to La Peau Day Spa on Lafayette Street between Grand and Broome Streets in SoHo to see Everlyn Ho, Asian Fusion’s go-to beauty expert. This visit, however, was not for the quarterly “Ask the Expert” article, but for an entirely new and wonderful reason. The Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant selected its new president for the forthcoming term, none other than Everlyn Ho! I sat down with the first-time president at her lush spa to get her reaction on being selected, the vision for the year to come, and her long term plans for the beauty pageant.

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For our first time readers, Everlyn is the president of Beauty Rite, Inc., owner of La Peau Day Spa, senior beauty educator, professional modeling artist, and has also created an internationally recognized makeup product line, makeuprite™.  Even though she is an extremely successful business woman, this beauty maven has worked as the make-up and stylist consultant for the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant for the past thirteen years, leveraging her professional acumen in skincare and makeup to train contestants to get the very best out of every look.  The media and all of the contestants have nicknamed Everlyn “the beauty queen behind the beauties” for her great work on the pageant.  “Beauty queen” is right because she still looks as young and beautiful as when she first started with the pageant; it seems that time has left Everlyn completely untouched.

As for the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant, it has been one of the largest East Coast pageants in scale, in fairness, and in influence.  Everlyn has challenged all Chinese-American girls who meet the qualifications for the pageant to audition because this is a rare and wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent alongside their cultural pride, family values, and the confidence to succeed in a culturally blended society.  Every year, the top 14 finalists have toured China for two weeks in August as an act of goodwill, taking part in several television programs. These opportunities not only give the girls a chance to be seen by over 8 billion viewers but also the rare chance for them to take an active role in discovering their cultural heritage.

The pageant has offered each contestant the opportunity to grow, to become more confident as a woman, and to become aware of not just her little world but on a more global level. Every year, the finalists have gone through vigorous training, from how to accentuate their features through makeup to how to comport themselves while in an interview or on a catwalk.  For the first time in the pageant’s history, this past pageant’s finalists had a wonderful opportunity through the NY Film Academy to take a free acting class.  In addition to the classes and training, the finalists have also gained a new family.  With each event, each challenge, and each win, the finalists became sisters looking out for one another.

Though Everlyn will be the first female president that the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant has had in its 13-year history, this will not be the focus of her leadership.  Her goal has remained the same as her predecessors: to improve the quality of the organization, the contestants, and the overall production year after year.  When I asked her how she felt being selected as this year’s president, she could not stress more how honored she felt that the board selected her to preside over this next term.  She hoped that she would do the organization proud by raising the bar for next year’s program and contestants.  Her winning personality, charisma, and creativity has proven to be invaluable to the team and its continued success.

Eventually, that charisma and her passion for the pageant show is what ultimately got her selected as the first female president.

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