Iris Tea & Bakery Treats for Every Occasion

Iris Tea & Bakery Treats for Every Occasion

by Rigche Ma

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Since its inception in 2012, Iris Tea & Bakery has more than lavished baked-goods lovers with its unique array of breads and cakes. It has inspired the easily overlooked cross streets of Roosevelt and Prince with its cheery orange logo, and transformed this corner of Flushing into a familiar spot where busy commuters pop in and out for a mid-day snack or where friends take a breather and catch up over a sweet treat or two.

The modest boutique bakery entices passersby daily with partial view of its kitchen showcasing, through a glass window, master bakers at their craft, and a full view of the day’s oven-offerings displayed in its full glory. Iris has distinguished itself among other makers of artisan breads and cakes by the dedicate tastes and textures of its wares – which is described as a skillful fusion of Asian and European styles, significantly softer to the bite, and much lower in fats, catering to the refined taste buds of young, working adults and the mature crowd with sophisticated inclinations.


Iris also prides itself as staying authentic when traditional flavors are in question, such as in the recipes of its Taiwanese Pineapple Bread, Puff Dried Shredded Pork Bread, or its famed Natural Yeast Red Wine Longan Bread – available in limited batches on weekends only. All Irises’ creations are deliberately less sweet than the average confectionery, so that even an insensitive taster becomes aware and appreciative of the subtle balance in qualities.


The experience of Iris, however, stretches beyond casual refreshments and teatime, or even just themed, celebratory cakes for milestone moments. In between these two extremes, Iris jazzes up almost every major festivity with its premium, seasonal selection; such as the recent Mid-Autumn festival, wherein Irises’ fresh, preservatives-free, traditional mooncakes proved its popularity over imported mooncakes, whose freshness undoubtedly must have been compromised during the long shipment process.  Frequently presented as gifts between friends and associates, Irises’ mooncakes were completely snapped up this season, just like the proverbial hotcakes.


With its place thus sealed in gift exchanging, it is not surprising, then, that the newest choices to grace the Iris shelves are carefully curated gift-boxes of delights designed to convey messages of graciousness. Reflecting the broadly Asian culture of gifting – when visiting friends, or as a sign of goodwill for any occasion, these gift-boxes are elegantly packed treasure troves containing some of Irises’ premium products – pineapple tarts, macarons, and malted milk candy, or a collection of cookies; corn crisps, sunflower seeds, matcha and chocolate chip. More than just thoughtful and sincere gifts, these beautiful boxes are good conversation starters, fillers for meetings and socializing, besides making suitable and convenient gifts. Marked at affordable prices between $15-30, they are available daily in limited numbers, but may be ordered in bulk and in advance for holidays. They can also be customized to suit individual preferences and budgets.


Just in time for the season of giving, pick up an Iris gift-box , a dozen or a few, to send those thoughts of love and joy!

Iris Tea & Bakery is located at 39-07 Prince St, Flushing, NY 11354. Tel: 718-888-1633, or email inquiries: irisbakeryusa@gmail.com



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