Irresistible Home Decor & Gift

By Ching Yu Lin

If you like to shop, and your lifestyle is a reflection of your good taste, then you should find yourself on the ground floor of Queens Crossing. This upscale shopping center will let you enjoy every shopping moment, from the world famous art masterpeices found at Liuligongfang Collection to Swarovski Crystal to Irresistible Home Decor, showcasing a wide variety home accessories, criss-crossing eastern and western cultures. Let’s go to check it out!

Each art piece is handmade by pate-de-verre technique, a skill that dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty, around 206 BC. The profound details, colorful layering and glittering bubbles are unique creations of pate-de-verre that constructs the life-like inner body of Liuli’s work. Founded by Taiwanese actress Loretta Hui-shan Yang, the Liuligongfang is exhibited in renowned museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Bowers Museum in Los Angeles, and the Palace Museum in Beijing. You absolutely must visit the store to see this beautiful collection in person.
Irresistible Home Decor & Gift
Irresistible Home Décor features fine, quality home accessories of European accents and themes. Stylish, trendy, and very irresistable, these are the concepts that embody the fine products and the customers who buy them. Fraz, Alessi, and Chilewich, are just a few brands – all specialty names – you’ll be pleased to find at Irresistible Home Décor. Boasting over 10,000 square feet of retail space, it is an impressive showcase of unique treasures unexpectedly, yet pleasantly,found here at Queens Crossing.