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Japanese Restaurant 

 by Joe Meny
 On the occasion of their recent expansion, Asian Fusion caught up with Biren Gurung who, along with his wife Manita, own and manage Happy Kitchen Japanese restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens.  Here’s what we talked about.AF: Congratulations on your additional space!  How many square feet were added?  What did you have originally? How do you feel?HK: Thank you!  We’re very pleased to have additional space for our customers to come in, sit down, and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal that is freshly prepared precisely to their order.  We’ve added about 250 square feet, bringing the total restaurant space to 700 square feet.1373AF: How many more customers are you now able to seat?  How many was it before the expansion?HK: We can comfortably seat 30 people, with an additional 3 – 4 at the sushi bar.  Plus our 3 tables in our front windows are always popular!

AF: We see you’ve added some beautiful wall hangings.  Can you tell us a little bit about them?

HK: They’re just art.  We wanted something to add a softer atmosphere to the restaurant.  They bring some nice color to the rooms, and they’re very interesting to look at while you’re eating.


AF: You know that we love to come to Happy Kitchen and enjoy what is some of the best sushi in New York City.  What’s your secret?

HK: First, everything is made fresh, there is no advance or pre-cooking. Nothing boils in pots all day, and nothing is ever cooked in a microwave.  Our sushi has no artificial spices, chemicals, or additives.  Our beef is very lean, we clean our own chicken, and the fish is freshly scaled by us.  We use pure soy sauce, never diluted.  All our sushi is made by hand, right here in the front of the restaurant.  All our food is cholesterol-free, no artificial colors or dyes, and mostly low salt and low sugar.


AF: Can you share with us some of the favorites from your menu?  Are there any new additions or changes to the menu?

HK:We can sum it up with 2 words:  Everything salmon!  Our menu has pretty much stayed the same over the years. The variety of selections is probably one of the largest you will find from a restaurant like ours.  Our customers are always excited to see something they haven’t tried yet…and we’re just as happy to serve them something we know they’ll love.

AF: How many years has Happy Kitchen been here in Jackson Heights?

HK: I am happy to say that Happy Kitchen has been here in Jackson Heights for 15 wonderful years.


AF: We rarely have seen a time when the restaurant isn’t busy.  Do you feel your customers are mostly from Queens?

HK: We see customers from all over the NYC area, but yes, mostly from neighborhoods here in Queens.  Or from other parts of the city?  We do have regulars who come in from Manhattan to eat here. In fact many come back and bring their friends or family with them!


AF:We’d love to know what your favorite dish is.

HK: That’s easy…it’s the Egg Bowl, a Happy Kitchen specialty.  It’s an egg omelet with mushroom, onion, cabbage, with carrots on rice and an entree on top.

AF: Happy Kitchen has been with Asian Fusion since our very first issue.  We want to thank you and celebrate our years together.  How would you recommend we celebrate here at Happy Kitchen?


HK: The best way I can think of is for all your readers and fans to come to Happy Kitchen and enjoy some great sushi!

Happy Kitchen is truly one of the best. In fact, Biren told us that he has customers who moved from Jackson Heights to Astoria who come back almost once a week because they haven’t found another restaurant that compares to Happy Kitchen when it comes to great tasting Japanese food.  And if you like your food ‘hot’, be sure to try the Happy Kitchen Special Sauce for an added kick to your meal!


Happy Kitchen is open 7 days a week and is located at 80-12 37th Ave. (bet. 80th – 81st Sts.) in Jackson Heights, Queens.  718-803-1600.