Japanese Eats in the East Village

Japanese Eats in the East Village

 by Lisa Crawford


If you are one of the lucky New Yorkers who calls the East Village home, then you are well aware of the many delicacies found at your neighborhood Japanese restaurants. From sushi to hibachi, there are a variety of options to choose from. These are some of our favorite Japanese spots.

Zen 6 – The large wooden sign will be like a welcome home sign. And although it is small in stature, each bite is full of flavor. One of the their best dishes is the Ramen Burger. One diner called it a “change of pace for Ramen lovers.” Imagine a tender beef patty with cooked Ramen buns. The teriyaki flavor makes the burger outstanding! As an added bonus, if you check in to Zen 6, you get a free ice cream bar!

328 E 6th St, New York, NY
(646) 429-8471

Ippudo – The trendy and gorgeous Ippudo has been bringing guests from all five boroughs to the East Village. The Pork Belly Buns are one of Ippudo’s most well known entrees, and definitely worth a try. The Akamaru Modern, with its succulent garlic broth, is also a stand out item and should not be missed.

65 4th Ave, New York, NY
(212) 388-0088

Cha-An – Tea Houses are popping up all over New York, and Cha-An is definitely one of the best. The décor is authentic and simple, but will transform you to a traditional Japanese atmosphere. The teas, of course, are wonderful at Cha-An, but we suggest you try the desserts! The Black Sesame and Vanilla Ice Cream Swirl is so creamy, you will have dreams about it. The Sesame Crème Brulee is also to die for!

230 E 9th St, New York, NY
(212) 228-8030
chaan3 chaan

Jebon Sushi & Noodle – In St. Marks Square, there is an adorable sushi and noodle bar that will be the ideal place to bring a date. The décor is quaint and the food is delicious. Make sure to grab a cocktail before your main dish. We hear the Lychee Slush is not only tasty, but also huge. If you are a fan of spice, the Spicy Beef Ramen comes highly recommended.

15 St Marks Pl, New York, NY
(212) 388-1313

Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ– Are you and your friends looking for a great place to eat, drink and be merry? Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ is an awesome choice. Not only is it fun to cook together and share food, it is also quite scrumptious. It Gyu-kaku is also quote affordable! For only $10 you can get miso soup, rice, salad and a choice of two meets for bar-b-queuing. Not too shabby!

34 Cooper Square, New York, NY
(212) 475-2989

Zest – If you think of yourself as both sophisticated and chic, then Zest is the restaurant for you. It’s dark wood floors and clean lines make for beautiful scenery. Not only is Zest a site for sore eyes, it is also affordable. Each sushi roll is only $3.50! Make sure to try the Crunchy Spicy roll! Zest is also a BYOB, but the first bottle has no corkage fee. Zest is an ideal date spot!

249 Broome St, New York, NY
(212) 677-3158

Yakiniku West – The gorgeous furnishings of Yakiniku West make this place perfect for a more upscale Japanese BBQ experience. The Short Ribs and the Kobe Beef are delectable. Each meat also comes with some yummy dipping sauces. Guests also rave about the Duck. No matter what, you are sure to have an enjoyable meal.

218 E 9th St, New York, NY
(212) 979-9238

Village Yokocho– The lively impression of Village Yokocho is what every East Villager is looking for. The bright lanterns and the warm colors put each diner in the mood to party. But not only is mood enjoyable, the cuisine is also spectacular. Some popular dishes include the Fried Squid Legs, Kimchi Fried Rice and the Spicy Fish on a bowl of rice. Delish!

8 Stuyvesant St, New York, NY
(212) 598-3041

Sake Bar Satsko– If ambiance is important to your dining experience, you will love Sake Bar Satsko. From the outside, it just looks like a small storefront, but once inside it’s like a party atmosphere. The bright orange colors and the strung up twinkling lights make the comfortable couch-like banquets even more welcoming. Of course the sake is delicious, but the food at Sake Bar Satsko is also pretty amazing. Make sure you order the Grilled Dried Squid. One regular called it “addicting.”

202 E 7th St, New York, NY
(212) 614-0933

Shabu-Tatsu – The authentic and charming Shabu- Tatsu will have a very welcoming feel right when you walk through the door. And of course, as we know, Japanese BBQ makes for a very “homey” ambiance. Nothing is more fun than cooking and sharing food. Here is a tip: order a side of Udon Noodles and Enoki Mushrooms. You can thank us later.

216 E 10th St, New York, NY
(212) 477-2972

Ramen Setagaya– The simplicity of Ramen Setagaya is what keeps locals coming in for more. The clean and down-to-earth dining area is perfect for showcasing the appetizing Ramen. The Soy-Sauce Ramen with extra Pork is one of Ramen Setagaya’s most popular dishes. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, the Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream is awesome!

34 St Marks Pl, Manhattan, NY
(212) 387-7959


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