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Kitanan Chewvej



Kitanan Chewvej, who is known as ‘Kit’ by his friends, is part of the young generation of Thai people who have moved to New York City and subsequently fell in love with all that the Big Apple has to offer.

Kit was happy to sit with Asian Fusion and share with us how exciting and busy his life has been. During the six years he spent at Payap University, Kit tried to figure out what to do with his life. He studied law for three years before he realized that he really wasn’t enjoying it. After studying law, he directed his energies to studying Communication Arts.

His Communication degree brought Kit back to Bangkok, where he obtained an internship at an agency as a copy writer. He found himself exposed to, and very much enjoying, the creative aspects of his newfound career path. It was here that Kit had a chance to see some commercial productions. It changed his life…again. He really wanted to be a director on a film production.

But the question for Kit was, “How?” He didn’t have any idea as to how he could create a film.

It was decision time again. Kit moved to New York so that he could study at NYFA, the New York Film Academy. He had a

very hard time when he started because he was unprepared to study in English. However, that situation made him work even harder. It was not very long before Kitanan found himself fitting in comfortably with the rest of the class. Kit really liked taking classes at NYFA because the school taught classes, beginning with the basics. Also, NYFA didn’t merely teach from the book but emphasized consistent application and practice.


During his first year, Kit had written, directed, and edited his own projects. He even helped with other classmates’ projects. In fact, one of the projects for which he worked as a director of photography was entered in the Cannes Film Festival in the short film category.

After one year in New York, Kit decided to enroll in an MFA program in Los Angeles to develop his writing and directing skills. His teacher there, unlike his teachers at NYFA, wanted the students to focus only on their thesis project. As a result, the indefatigible Kit worked tirelessly on his thesis, “Blood Vision”. Blood Vision turned out so well that Warner Brothers Studio decided to screen it.

Kit eventually moved back  to New York, to work at Kvibe Productions in neighboring new Jersey. Kvibe is a full-service video production company which makes commercial video productions for corporate businesses, television, and film.

Kit aspires to make his first feature film in New York someday. He truly loves the city and tells us that New York has so many stories to tell and that he will tell those stories by transitioning from camera to the big screen.

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