Korean Beauty Experts, Nature Republic & The Face Shop

Korean Beauty Experts 

Nature Republic & The Face Shop

By Jenny Tzu-Yin Chen

Last year, Korean Pop music grabbed attention the world over with one song: “Gangnam Style”, which you can still hear almost anywhere in the city. Korean restaurants are also all around the city. There is no doubt that Korean style has landed in the city and is also, in some way, affecting our lives. Thanks to this influence, Korean beauty has also arrived in the Big Apple as well!

Korean Beauty Shops are everywhere in Korea. There are over 100 different cosmetics brands, and they offer many different products at very reasonable prices. And one thing that makes customers feel so great is that they always give you free samples once you are making a purchase, so customers can try different products in order to find out which are the most appropriate for them. Korean beauty products are now enjoying wide popularity in both Europe and the U.S. Some products like BB Cream, CC cream and snail cream were invented by Korean beauty companies.

Now, there are two Korean Beauty Brands that you can actually find their official stores in Flushing: Nature Republic and The Face Shop.

Nature Republic

Nature Republic was founded in 2009. They advertise that their products are mostly made from natural materials.  Their two famous products include Aqua (super aqua max combination watery cream) for different types of skin (mix/ dry/ oil), and Snail therapy series.

Aqua is perfect for a New York winter since the weather is really dry outside, and also inside due to the heat in the buildings. Aqua is created using deep ocean water with precious minerals that help maintain the skin’s moisture. The cream itself is a soft texture that is easily absorbed by skin.

Snail solution became very popular in Korean cosmetics since the research on snail mucus discovered that it is full of collagen, vitamins, and glycol, all commonly found in cosmetics products. Snail mucus is also said to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions. The Snail Therapies Series is a famous product line from Nature Republic, which includes facial cream, eye cream and essence. The series can help recover damaged skin, reduce lines and brighten skin.

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The Face Shop

The Face Shop is one of the first Korean beauty brands to venture overseas.  They can be found not only in Flushing,  they also have stores in Manhattan.  The company advocates that they extract natural materials to make cosmetics with naturalism. Its famous product is CC cream (Aura Color Control cream SPF 30PA++) with two skin types (01 Radiant Beige and 02 Natural Beige).

CC cream is another great invention by the Korean beauty industry.  Unlike BB cream with the function of covering  the dark or uneven side of skin color, CC cream is made to correct the skin color, whiten, and create the skin color suited for the individual.  CC cream  combines the functions of anti-aging, brightness and sunscreen. The Face Shop Aura CC Cream is created using oxygenated water that can support skin energy and elasticity.  It can also keep the feeling of moisture and brightness of skin for a long time.

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