Korean Model Im Wook Walking in 3-D

 Korean Model Im Wook Walking in 3-D


Shirt: Leitmotive

Bermuda shorts:  Angelos Frentzos

Shoes: Frankie Morello


“Inspired by the third dimension, and thanks to the use of two red and blue lights that create a unique 3-D effect, giving it depth and thickness. The clothing, with its varied and unique prints, then seems to come alive. My goal is to create a visual effect of playing with perspective and “depth” in the images…a vague sensation of “reality.” — Gianluca Barolo stylist


AF: Where were you born, and where did you grow up?

IW: I was born in Yeonggwang County, South Korea, and grew up mostly in Gangnam, Seoul.

AF: How would you describe your “look”, your style and what you like to wear..

IW: I want to be a chameleon. A chameleon beyond style, race, nationality.. I like to wear simple, practical clothes. Sometimes adding about 10% weirdness.

AF: What’s been your greatest challenge as a model?

IW: It’s always been overcoming my self-doubts. What I am learning constantly is, ‘Most of the negative voices coming from inside are untrue.”

AF: Who have you modeled for, and what else have you done?

IW: I’ve modeled for Chang Kwang Hyo in Seoul, Umit Benan, Enrico Coveri, and MSGM in Milan. Also Etxeberria in Madrid, PTASZEK, Ricardo Andrez, and Alexandra Moura in Lisbon ( My current city).

I directed a short film while in school. It is about a male model who struggles with his intermittent visual impairment.

AF: What are your hobbies, talents, and achievements outside of modeling?

IW: I am all about music – mostly elctronics, hoping to produce some good music someday.

AF: Any long term goals?

IW: My long term goal is to be a ‘giver’

since I have always been a ‘receiver’.

And of course, modeling until my last breath.

AF: Are there any special challenges or benefits of being a Korean/Asian model?

IW: It depends on which side you want to concentrate on as a model. Your choice will snowball itself. For me, being Asian is a great advantage to express myself beyond color. I believe Asians are in between the other races. And that’s why I can be versatile like a chameleon.

AF: How did you get into modeling?

IW: Last year, I was in Madrid as an exchange student.

I spotted – yes, it is I who spotted – my first agency, UNO, on the street, thinking, ‘That’s a pretty cool logo!’ I went and knocked on the door. The whole thing started there.

AF: How would you define sexiness?

IW: Knowing exactly what you want, what you truly need.


Shirt: Iceberg

Shorts: Leitmotive



Photographer: Ention Sulo

Stylist: Gianluca Barolo

Hair/ Make-up: Serena Palma

Shirt and papillon: Eton

Bermuda shorts: Frankie Morello



Shirt: Gaetano Navarra

Papillon: Eton

Trousers: Carlo Pignatelli

Shoes: Iceberg