Korean Model Sophie Jo

Korean Model  Sophie Jo


Sophie Jo does a Q & A with Asian Fusion

AF: Can you tell us a little bit about your educational background?

SJ: I graduated from Dongduk Womwen University in Korea.

AF: How did you get started in modeling?

SJ: I attended Elite Model Look Korea 2008.

AF: What made you decide to come to Paris?

SJ: One of my professors advised me that I should go to Paris.  She told me I had a very impressive face for the European market.

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AF: Did you find it was difficult as an Asian model/actress trying to make it in Paris?

SJ: Paris has a very small market for an Asian model.  Finding an agency wasn’t very easy.

AF: What are your plans for the future?

SJ: I’d like to do some modeling in New York

AF: What’s the definition of fashion to you?

SJ: Keep it elegant.

AF: Who are your favorite fashion designers/models?  Male and female.

SJ: My favorite model is Maricarla Boscono and Cecilia Mendez. My role models are Kate Moss. My favorite brands are Lanvin, Givenchy and Balmain.

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AF: How do your parents feel about your career choice?

SJ: They support me very much.

AF: How do you keep such a fit body?

SJ: I do ballet in order to maintain balance within my body.

AF: Women tend to love shoes. Who is your favorite shoe designer?

SJ: That’s easy…Christian Louboutin.

AF: If you could turn back time, to relive a moment in your life, what would it be?

SJ: I would want to be 16 again, and then go to Paris to experience it at that age.  It would be wonderful.

AF: Do you have any other passions besides modeling?

SJ: I love to watch movies.

AF: What types of food or restaurants do you enjoy when you go out?

SJ: I like sushi at Comme des Poissons, and margarita pizza at Pasta E Fagioli.

AF: Where do you see yourself in 5years? 10 years?

SJ:  Keep modeling…just like I am today.