Korean Theatre Festival in New York

in association with K-R DREAMS INC.

Korean Theatre Festival in New York presents four plays at the Secret Theater including “A singing Monkey(Du-Yee Chang Repertory Theatre), ” “A Special Journey of Acorns(Dream Theatre),” “Picture Bride(Dawn Theatre)” and “Beyond-Ah! Dokdo(Here & Now Theartre).”

(One man’s musical play – World Premiere / Korean)
Written & Directed & Performed by Du-Yee Chang
Synopsis: The travails of a monkey, captured by hunters in West Africa. He was sold to a Korean Animal Entertainment Company, where after a decade of intense training, he acquired language skills and became adept in the art of song and dance, which made him a star. Today he will perform a very special one-man show. It is his first time facing audience since undergoing experimental surgery that promised to make him more man than monkey.

(American Premiere / Korean)
Written by Kyung Hee Kim, Directed by Jin Hong Joo, Music by Kawai Masao

Synopsis: Once upon the gentlest of dawns, deep within a valley of mysterious mountains, from high atop one of the tallest of trees – an acorn fell. Ahroom, a most considerate chipmunk, always giving equal measure to each of nature’s treasures, followed the lonesome little acorn as it rolled towards its kindred kernels, already gathered at the foot of the great oak. Carefully, he placed a mitt-full of the nutty morsels in his pouches for safe-keeping and happily set-off for home. Along the way, Ahroom met his old friend Dree, who seemed so disheartened that Ahroom decided to share some of his newfound delicacies. As soon as Dree tasted the tree-fruit, his spirit was lifted……

Written & Directed by Da-Eun Chung, Choreographed by Dixin Qu
Synopsis: In 1910 the first picture brides of Korea sailed to Hawaii to meet their grooms introduced only by pictures. The young brides met their grooms and were shocked by the person they had to encounter, someone who was totally different with the one they expected to meet. The story doesn’t stop at the shocking moment when the brides just arrived but also illustrates the disastrous lives of the young men and women who came to Hawaii to work at the sugar cane fields, under what proved to be inhumane conditions.

(World Premiere / Korean)
Written & Choreographed by Cha Hee, Yushin Lee, Music by Son Soo In
Synopsis: The Goddess of Korea finally made sons and daughters. She gave Korean peninsula to her children evenly. But last son got a small island ‘DOKDO’. The last son was always longing main land to go. One day in a very bad weather, a stranger came to this island. The strange man gradually wanted this very beautiful island. Finally he kicked the last son out from DOKDO island. The Goddess got angry and gave punishment. The company has adapting Korean Traditional dance and song with contemporary Korean stories successfully.

All Tickets $20. For more information about Korean Theatre Festival in New York, please email Korus Players Company at korusplayers@aol.com. For ticket information, please contact The Secret Theater at (212) 807-7184.