La peau Day Spa

By Fon

“Walking in feeling like a tired office- lady but leaving feeling like a pageant Queen” – this is that how I felt when I stepped out of La Peau
Day Spa in Soho.

A facial treatment. I couldn’t remember the last time I treated myself since all my time has been portioned out to “work”…and “more work”. However, La Peau has changed my perception – “We all need to make time for pampering ourselves.” I kept reminding myself of this. A treatment at La Peau is perfect beyond any expectations. It is not only the treatment that matters, but the hospitality, relaxation, soft music, and fragrant scents in a sparkly clean environment that puts La Peau on my weekly must-do list. Once you give it a try, you’ll clearly understand what I’m talking about! La Peau’s esthetician team gives you a warm welcome as you step into the spa, which is decorated in warm, earthy tones. The esthetician gently touches your skin and provides professional consultation on the treatment that is most suitable and best for you, taking into consideration the time you have available – afterall, time is money in New York City!

La Peau’s esthetician guides you through treatments step by step, in each dedicated stage of the process, sharing relevant information so you begin to understand what your skin needs are and how to fulfill those needs with treatment. La Peau’s estheticians always give you gentle and careful treatment. As a result, you may find yourself as comfortable as you are at home and drift off to sleep right in the middle of the treatment!

I guarantee that you will definitely feel your skin change for the better and feel healthier – even after your very first visit. Quite a pleasant but expected surprise, as your skin becomes gentle, soft, and bright – like cherry tree blossoms right in the middle of springtime. Products used at La Peau are absolutely phenomenal: Dermalogica from Germany and G.M. Collin from France. These are products made with the finest ingredients available, with absolutely no harmful effects to natural skin. All La Peau’s estheticians team were trained by Everlyn Ho, La Peau’s owner, who has a superb reputation with 20 years of skin care experience, along with the honor of being Vice-President and Beauty Makeup Consultant for the “Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant” for many years. She is also currently an educator for Beauty Beauty International School in New York. Her specialty includes eyebrow embroidery – she has been reviewed and is recommended by hundreds of her happy customers. All equipment used for embroidery are sanitized and FDA approved. Customers who have been to her spa never leave disappointed. And it’s not long before they return for more of La Peau’s special treatment. So treat yourself to a day at La Peau, Soho! You will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner!