La Peau Day Spa’s Summer Beauty Tips

La Peau Day Spa’s Summer Beauty Tips

by Rigche Ma
Summer 2015 kicked off on a relatively sunny note, with cooler than normal temperatures and the memory of a particularly temperamental winter keeping everyone gingerly on their toes. This season, day makeup should be kept light and simple – as nude and natural as possible, party makeup takes on a retro spin into the 60s – with bright red lips and curled hair making a comeback, and smoky eyes continuing its stronghold on evening makeup.

Keen and careful skills are required in application of natural makeup for daywear, but half the battle is won when the base to work on – the skin, is kept in good condition. La Peau Day Spa emphasizes proper attention to the upkeep of fresh and firm skin, and special care for common summer skin issues such as enlarged pores and excessive oil production in facial skins. For acne-prone skins, it is important to try La Peau Day Spa’s Oxygen Clinical Acne Treatment for Oily or Acne-Prone Skin, which is a revolutionary oxygenating acne treatment to restore the skin’s luminosity, moisture balance and youthfulness by bringing skin congestion, acne, skin fatigue and dullness under control with BHA, AHA and a unique Oxygen Complex. Alternatively, the Algo-Essential Treatment is also suitable for the sought-after ‘instant radiant effect’ on the skin by combining hydrating, smoothing, decongesting and brightening into a single treatment using an algae based formulation (laminaria) with hyaluronic acid to achieve a thermo-corrective action to reduce redness, as well as an organic silicium and aromatic complex to increase the skin’s vitality.


Apart from regular skincare and treatments, one should be aware that the skin is subjected to aging and constantly exposed to environmental pollutants. Although inescapable, signs of aging skin can be brought under control and minimized with sufficient hydration and consistent care. Further, a good moisturizer also functions as a layer of protection between the skin and external elements, including makeup.

Once there is a canvas of good skin, makeup can be employed to enhance features, in order to bring out the best. To achieve a look in line with the trend, Everlyn Ho, director of La Peau Day Spa, President and makeup consultant to Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant for some 18 years, recommends Makeup Rite foundations (available at La Peau Day Spa), because it is based on a tinge especially suitable for Asian skins, which tend towards yellow, and use a dark brown brow pencil instead of black, to avoid harshness. Last but not least, employ a light layer of loose powder over the makeup for an up-to-date finish.

According to Ho, wanting to look good is more than a human and natural whim. It is a basic decorum, and also an expression of respect to others with whom one shares the space. Hence, grooming and looking presentable, beginning with professional skin care, rightly deserves some devotion.


La Peau Day Spa seeks to provide exactly this expertise. A leading skincare provider in NYC, La Peau’s team is well trained, highly experience and committed to excellent service.

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