Lasting Beauty is a Reality at La Peau Day Spa

Lasting Beauty is a Reality at La Peau Day Spa



Permanent Makeup is the latest beauty buzzword, but what does it actually entail?

According to Everlyn Ho, proprietress of La Peau Day Spa, permanent makeup is the breakthrough technology of the new millennium. Permanent makeup, otherwise known as permanent cosmetics, involves insertion of pigments in areas such as the eyebrows or lips, to create the intensity of eye shadow, lip liner and tinge that can remain fresh and undisturbed by daily facial routine.

Likened to tattooing, permanent makeup is performed through a procedure called micropigmentation, whereby a hand-held device is used to inject pigment hundreds of times per minute through an extremely fine needle into the skin. Quite obviously, micropigmentation necessitates a high level of aesthetics and precision that only an experienced aesthetician can provide.

The duration of the procedure is dependent on complexity and other factors; eyebrow micropigmentation generally takes two-three hours to implement, while a typical eyeliner or lash enhancement can be completed in under two hours. However, reconstructive, corrective and camouflage procedures are usually more complicated and will take a longer time, varying with each client.

After the procedure, permanent makeup will last anywhere between 2 to 4 years, before the pigments need to be refreshed.

The pursuit of perfection in beauty – whatever the standards of times dictate, has progressed alongside technology.

It is no longer wistful thinking to want to go to bed fearlessly looking perfect, and to wake up with no smudged mascara from the evening before. Nor is it a mere dream to be free from the embarrassments of lipstick stains on coffee mugs, or the need for frequent touch ups, among other inconveniences of conventional makeup.

Permanent cosmetics is also practical because time and money spent on makeup will be significantly reduced without compromising presentability. Beyond the surface, the release from bondage to products will also increase self-confidence, which in turn, brings more convenience, as well as boosts and improves other aspects in the quality of life.

Permanent makeup is suitable for most skin types – especially those who may have allergies to products, and is good for almost all lifestyles, since it reduces the hassle of daily routines and the messiness of multiple and confusing products.

Apart from beauty enhancement, permanent makeup is also a very successful cosmetic treatment to correct asymmetric facial features, fill in missing patches on the eyebrows due to alopecia, cover up scars, release tight scar bands caused by burns, and reconstruct areola areas post-mastectomy.

At La Peau Day Spa, Everlyn Ho is a licensed New York State esthetician, and holds an NYS tattoo license. Further, she has been named Best Makeup Artist in New York City by Citysearch for two consecutive years (2009 and 2010), and served as exclusive makeup and beauty consultant for the prestigious Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant for 20 years.

With years of aesthetic experience, La Peau Day Spa more than fulfills the stringent qualifications called for in the dedicate procedure of micropigmentaion.

A complimentary consultation is offered for all Asian Fusion readers. Call Everlyn Ho at (646) 378 8686 or visit for more information.

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