Lily’s & Ginger Moon Canteen Indonesia Cuisine

By Asian Fusion Editorial Team

Master Chef Dean Keddell needs no introduction – he is the mastermind and creative genius behind the incredibly unique and authentic flavours at Jackson Lily’s and Ginger Moon Canteen. 

Housed in a beautiful cathedral of glass and steel, the menu at Jackson Lily’s is an eloquent storytelling of Dean’s adventures through Asia told with incredible tastes and textures – the entire menu at Jackson Lily’s tells of the places Dean has travelled to and the people he has met along the way with carefully curated and beautifully presented dishes which showcase the diversity of cultures and cuisines from all over Bali and Asia. 

On Seminyak’s famous “Eat Street”, Ginger Moon Canteen is what Dean calls “a simple Asian eatery” where guests can expect fun and interesting spin to the foods of Indonesia (Bali in particular) and China while creating original and memorable dining experiences. The cuisine is best described as “Asian innovation”. Think Steamed Buns, Dumplings, Noodles, Peking Duck Pancakes, Rendang Pizza, Wok Fried freshwater fish and Smoky Beef ribs. Astonishingly casual dishes that fit perfectly with the ‘canteen’ and “sharing” style of Ginger Moon. 

Ginger Moon Canteen maintains the at ease interior of a simple Asian eatery, with what could be an antiquated Hainanese coffee house or colonial Shanghai diner, with interior features such as a fetching wall length painting of a golden Buddha’s hand, enormous planters and an exposed glass atrium viewed from both floors. “It’s A Sharing Thing” is the driving culture and ambition of Ginger Moon Canteen whilst at Jackson  Lily’s – “It’s A Togetherness Thing!” is a beautiful message. “We believe that whenever people share a meal with friends, family or loved ones, this is when they are at their happiest,” said Dean. Guests at both restaurants are encouraged to order several dishes to share and take time to savour every exquisite flavour. 

If you’re ever in Seminyak, a must try is “Jackson Lily’s Famous 666 Combo” featuring flaming hot and divinely delicious BBQ Ribs (400gm) & Steak (250gm) & Prawns (500gm) & 72 Chicken BBQ or Spicy + water spinach & lalapan slaw.

There is also the regular menu, and the restaurant also offers irresistible Weekly Specials including Tuesdays for Pizza and Beer; Wednesdays for Papuan Mud Crabs and on Fridays, 2 For 1 Sunset Cocktails and Carlsberg Draught Beer on the balcony which proved to be so popular that it’s no longer a Friday treat – sunset cocktails are now available 7 days of the week! 

There are Daily Specials too; a Breakfast Adventure every day from 8am to 4pm – “How you start each morning affects your whole day. So be daring, don’t begin your day in an ordinary way”; and Lunch Time Deals Made Easy from 11am-4pm. 

“My ultimate aim is to create everlasting memories with one of life’s simplest but greatest pleasures – food; after all, sharing great food with friends, family and loved ones are memories to be treasured,” said Dean.