Linking up with Bai Ling

(By Cecilia Sha)

On her recent visit to New York City from Hollywood, Asian Fusion spent some time getting to know one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and talented actresses, Bai Ling.
AF: Can you tell us about your latest movie ventire?
BL: “The name of the movie is ‘Final Contract’, directed by Tai Bin, a young director from China. It’s a movie that I’ll be co-starring in with Zhao Yan Guo Zhang. The movie is a suspenseful thriller. I play a super model in the modern world of contemporary fashion. It’s complicated, and there’s a love story as well. We did a huge press conference in Beijing on the 18th of October, more details can be found online.” (WEBSITE)
AF: Tell us about your road to stardom?
BL: “My journey started in Tibet. Tibet is a beautiful magical place where you can dream everyday under the sun, just like Hollywood; they’re practically the same. It’s amazing, just to see and imagine the distance I’ve traveled; it’s as if I walked from the moon to the sun, through sunlight and rainstorms, through darkness and good times. It’s a beautiful journey. Every time I look back I feel as if it’s all magic and none of this is real. This shows how magical life can be, and if you believe in yourself, anything can be achieved.”
“Lots of people have asked me how I made it. My answer is that you have to be pure and innocent. What I mean is that you have to be authentic, without any outside influences, and follow your heart. You have to believe that you have a special gift, and believe that you were put on this earth for a purpose. The reason I came to Hollywood was for one reason: to give. I know that my gift is my ability to be an actress, and so I want to give this gift to Hollywood, to the art of film, to all of the fascinating characters that I play, and most importantly, I want to share and touch people’s hearts with love.”
AF: You’ve been in many films. Which role was the most memorable?
BL: “Well, I like all the characters I’ve played. They are all a part of me, because they are all different. I discovered that I have eight little spirits; they are all little girls dressed in miniskirts. They follow me wherever I am. They’re delightful, and have very different personalities; they fascinate me all the time. I am their home; they live in me. Whenever I need to fill a role, one of the eight takes over who I am. It might sound strange to you, but that’s how my world functions. I have my eight little spirits and they entertain and serve me.”
“The most memorable movie I played in was ‘The Crow’. It was my first Hollywood movie, and I didn’t speak English, so it’s very special to me. Another one was my very first French movie with Luc Besson called ‘Taxi 3’. And my first Hong Kong movie, called ‘Dumplings’ in which I won an Asian Oscar for.”
AF: What are your plans for your career in the future?
BL: “I am a person with no plans. You might not believe me but it’s true. I live in the moment. I like things to happen in the order which they come. I truly believe in living in the moment so that one thing will lead to another in a smooth transition. I also don’t want to know the future, because if the future is pre-determined it will be expected and it will be boring. What I know about myself is that I will keep dreaming every day, like a child. What I have learned about myself is that when I think, I’m an idiot; when I don’t think, I’m a genius.”
AF: You won an Asian Oscar in China, and you’ve been a judge for the Berlin Film Festival. What are your thoughts on the increased exposure of Chinese films?
BL: “China is my home, so everything about China excites me! I just got back from China, and I had such a wonderful time. I had delicious food; people were warm to me and showed me much love.
I think that because of how fast China is developing, Chinese films become very unique in the eyes of the outside world. I believe the world’s future is China. so I have no doubt Chinese films will be enjoyed by everyone around the world.
AF: Besides being an actress, your unique style of clothing is always the topic of discussion. In your point of view, what is your definition of fashion?
BL: “My clothing style reflects my view on life; to live joyfully, live big and extreme. I think fashion is very individual, so one’s unique quality, along with the confidence of the individual, plays a large role in what one wears. I love my body, my body loves to show off its sexy beauty, and I support that.”
AF: You made it to the cover of Playboy, and you seem to love to show off your sexy body. What kind of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?
BL: “I am proud to be on the cover of Playboy. As a woman, part of our existence is to be the gentle and sexy other half of a man. I love to be sexy and my body and spirit naturally feel the romantic poetry of sexy movements. My body will tell me if I wear something that is uncomfortable, and I think the best way to dress is to be comfortable; everyone is different. Something that works for one woman may not work for another. In other words, just listen to your body.”
AF: You have been in Hollywood for quite some time. There must have been some hardships that you have endured during your transition to the United States. Is there any advice that you can give to anyone that is looking for success in the United States?
BL: “I don’t think it’s difficult to walk in my footsteps. Of course, I can see how it would be it would be hard for others, a little girl from Tibet that makes her way to Hollywood on her own. To me it was natural and fun, and even the “stormy days” were beautiful because it’s a part of life and part of nature, just like the four seasons.
I suggest never being superficial, but doing the things you love to do and do them well. It will then lead you and give you the things you want to fulfill. If you want to be a star, but only want the riches and fame, then you might never achieve it. You have to pursue it with a pure intention, only then will you reach your goal.
There are two words I want to share will all of my dear friends; they will solve all your work and personal problems. These two words are: Give and Forgive”.

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