Litmus Paper

Litmus Paper 

By Pier Luigi Fasolo
Photo: Ention Sulo Styling: Daniele Caravello
Make up/Hair: Erica Peschiera
Model: Gia Gao Elite Model Milano
Assistant Styslist: Alessio Chirivì Gilet and Pants:N 8


Water purifies.

It sweeps away the excess, that which is leftover from the transition of seasons. A time to rejoice.

A refreshing summer awaits us.

Picture 3

Everything seems to happen headlong, as if a wave hit us. Everything becomes minimal, tearing away, almost to impoverish us of the unnecessary layers .

Showers might remain leaving nothing more than the essentials: a few simple dresses suitable to give us convenience and peace of mind.

White, in particular, will be featured in our dressing.

Picture 4

You will embrace it in vests over tops. Characterized both by clean and geometric cuts, it will insert upon structured jackets and eventually it will serve as a blank canvas for prints and varied images.

Around this color marked by the presence of all colors, alternate the most varied shades: bright yellow and red, vibrant blue, and other cool tones.

Folds and lines combined with essential cuts and stiffened forms.

Structure with softness.

Picture 5

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