Liuli is an idea, an emotion!

To Liuli Gong Fang, “Liuli” means many things:
–It is the “Liuli” from the Liuli ear cup found in the Western Han tomb of Emperor Liu Sheng.

–It is the ”Liuli” from the words of “Like Scattered Clouds, the Fragility of Liuli” by Tang poet Bai Juyi.

–It is the “Liuli” from the scripture of the Medicine Buddha that states, “May the moment come when I attain enlightenment, the body, even the soul become as Liuli. Pure, transparent, flawless”.

Today the term “Liuli” is widely used throughout the Chinese world and approximately hundreds of craft workshops.  But how many people do they truly understand the meaning of “Liuli”? Do you wanna know more anout Liuli and Liuli Gong Fang, Please click LiuLi