Looking Through the Lens of Fashion- Ention Sulo

Meet Asian Fusion’s charming cover photographer Ention Sulo from Milan.
“I was born in Albania, raised in Italy, and studied photography at the School of Art. To me, photography is a consequence of love for art. I try to create something special, exciting, and colorful for every photo shoot I do, whether it’s a photo shoot for a client or magazine. I love fashion photography and I love the models. I like to get to know them, to love them, to make them laugh; this way, I can get the best from them. The most enjoyable models are those of Asian and Russian descent.
I respect them because they give something special, something different. I love to surprise them and make them happy when I show them my photos. One of the most memorable models I have worked with is Lu Chen, an Asian supermodel referred to me by IMG model agency of Milan. I felt that she was perfect for this shoot; she was professional, humble, and beautiful. Her clothes were chosen by my stylist, Gianluca Barolo. He lives in Milan where he attended the European Institute of Design. He’s worked for several years with various international magazines, telling stories through clothes, models, and photographers. It’s been a fabulous experience to show the Asian imagination through European clothing. Working with such a beauty and such beautiful clothes has truly created a dream in which there is a fusion of the East with West. The make-up for the shoot was done by Alberto Boggieri, an excellent artist also from Milan who often works with international supermodels. We wanted only the very best for Asian Fusion Magazine. We worked very hard on this project and we thank Rick Lin for giving us the chance to work with him. He is a very positive person and it was a pleasure to work with him and his magazine. This magazine is something special; it’s simple, yet has a large reach and at the same time, is very interesting. New York is the dream of every European trying to make it big. To create a piece of work that appears in New York has been my dream. Everyone is very positive in New York City, and I have to be positive when I shoot as well. With a positive attitude, I will be able to make something special for my team, for my clients, and for myself. I have been influenced by many photographers, including Tim Walker, Alvert Warson Giampaolo Sgura, and my dear friend Massimo Zanusso. Gianguido Rossi was the one who encouraged me to continue with fashion photography. I love being carried away by my instincts. I believe in myself, and in turn, I can make something truly magical.
Thanks to my family for supporting me in everything that I do, my friends and models for being there for me, and thanks so much to Asian Fusion for this incredible opportunity.”