Looking Through the Lens of Fashion- Gianguido Rossi

“First it’s human, second it’s business.”Gianguido Rossi, is very happy being one of the top fashion photographers in Milan. After serveral interviews with big name magazines like GQ and Vogue, this talented and passionate photographer spent a wonderful afternoon with Asian Fusion Magazine at Opia restaurant, where he excitedly revealed to us that he feels there’s a bit of Asian blood running through his veins. Gianguido picked up his first camera at the age of 16. The moment when he discovered his first analogic camera, was the moment the door to his visual life and career opened for him. He started out very young , as an assistant for a wedding shoot in a small village in Italy. Than was working as news paper freelance photographer “I used to work in news and documentary photography, but I knew I wanted to do something else. I wanted to create moments, instead of waiting to take the “ right moment”. I always loved “womens world” , and I wanted to create a story based on women characters, there are so many kind of women in my imaginations and I just need a chance to make them become real , and working as photographer for fashion, gives me this chance . Gianguido’s fashion photos are full of tension and very emotional, showing incredible light and posing. He admitted: “I will do the casting. Before the photo shoot, I need, to talk to the models and get to know them, because I use the model more like actress, I need them to get into the role I think for them. That’s the key element necessary to create my pictures. I need to get emotion out of the photos, I try to create an image that stays longer than just fashional season clothes. ” He emphasized, “first is human, second it’s business!”“I definitely love my life, I was lucky to make it happen in my way. I feel I’m living in a movie.”An artist’s life is surrounded with inspiration and emotion. So too, is Gianguido Rossi’s. “With thanks to God, it’s a gift. Inspiration comes from all aspects of my life.” Gianguido shared with us the story of a hitch-hiking trip he once took a while back. “When I was 18, I traveled around through Europe. I had not much money, as well as all young boys at that age, but I traveled for two months, and through this experience, I realized that people are basically good, total strangers invited me into their homes and shared what they had with me.” He smiled.

I traveled a lot, did odd jobs in the past and “The most important things I learned from my youthfull life is that: being a good person, having a good heart, and trusting people, makes people trust you in return. Being open to life , gives you the key of life you wish to have.” Gianguido will stay in New York just for a short time, but he says to us, he always has been in love with the City. “I love New York because of the energy I get from being here. I like to stay outside, having a coffee and looking at people… there are so many people in the city: White, Asian, Black, Red, Tall, Crazy, Rich, Fat, Homeless….and all of them bring to me some form of energy and inspiration, and as far as I have been in my life, this is the only City where I can get all that .”

I really like Asia… I like the culture, the philosophy, the every thing…to me asian means so much! ”’Asian’ is a mystical and beautiful word yet undiscoverd for Gianguido. “ I find Asian women,extremely interesting, they have their own way to move, to smile, to walk, very feminine, elegant and to me , very charming. ” He loves Asian movies and he told us he loved Ziying Zhang when he watched the movie “ Hero” in Italy.Gianguido follows Asian trends much more than we expected.
He believes that Asian people should be very proud of their culture and share it even more, with the rest of the world. “Asians don’t need to look or act like western people. They have their own way of looking …..and in the opposite I can say that western people, will need to learn more from you guys.” Thanks Gianguido, for giving us such a warm and impressive viewpoint on fashion, on culture, and on life.