Looking Through the Lens of Fashion- Jason Heatley

Representing a younger generation of photographers, Jason Heatley, from North Carolina, tells his story to Asian Fusion magazine.
I started photography about three years ago, and I have always been an artist so it came easy. I started simple, shooting photos of things like barns, trees, birds and my dogs! After that I became a little bored, so I started shooting photos of people and fell in love with fashion photography. I started following the work of people like Jason Jaskot, Emily Soto, Ville Paul Paasimaa, Daniela Majic, Amanda Diaz and An Le! I have learned a lot from them. While they all served as role models, many became friends.
I have always loved fashion; I find it to be very much an art form! I am somewhat envious of those who can create fashion as I have wanted to for a long time. I feel as though fashion can help us say who we are without saying a word at all. It is a powerful art form. I do, however find that following trends in fashion is a waste of time, and that it is more fun to come up with your own identity rather then stealing someone else’s just because it is “trending” . Make your own trend! Find your own voice!
I grew up in California, near the beach. It is safe to say that it shaped who I am today, though I now live in a small town in southern West Virginia. In my town, art is often looked at as more of a hobby than anything. Sports are always in the spotlight and it is the most important social topic. But I have always challenged this, and made sure I was noticed for my work. I made sure that people knew my name, landing photos in “ Photo Vogue”, magazines like the “GLASS-book” and doing work for SMM cosmetics. Now I am thrilled to have my work in Asian Fusion Magazine!
I am always inspired by darkness, the world around me, and the pure beauty of the world. I am also influenced by music of all genres, from Blue Grass to Jazz, to rap and dubstep. I also draw my inspiration from other cultures because I come from a multi racial family. I cannot wait to see what my career has in store for me next!