Looking Through the Lens of Fashion- Richard Yumang

AFWF1126-025-11(By Cecilia Sha)

We met Richard on a windy afternoon in Manhattan, at Starbucks in front of the NYU Library. Richard presented an image of a calm, warm and shy individual. He gave off an aura of friendliness that is very hard to resist. Being that we were in a very crowded Starbucks, it was very difficult for us to find seating. As soon as we found one, Richard opened up with a charming smile, calmly sipping on his espresso and began telling us about himself. Richard said he teaches a photography class at NYU while also working as a professional photographer.
He was currently working on his first photography exhibit that was due to open in the Fall. The exhibit, titled “Poverty in America” showcased 20 photos depicting New York City’s gentrification and the subsequent increase in poverty.
Richard was born and raised in San Francisco, and is now living in Harlem. Richard finished his bachelor degree at California State University; he majored in Sociology and minored in Economics. He is now pursuing his Master’s in Public Relations & Corporate Communication at NYU.
After working for years with several media production companies, Richard became famous for his documentary photography. His street photos have an evident “ Cinemagraph ” sense. His photographs depict the raw emotions that he sees in the world. His mission is to ingrain social issues through his photography, which is defined by what he believes to be America as seen through a New Yorker’s eyes, with a particular focus on the transformation of “old” New York into “ New” New York. This is where the message of his photography is strongly defined.
As he assured us, “My photographs depict my feelings and perspective on the individuals, buildings and streets of the city. I think New York City is a great platform for an emerging photographer like myself. Through my photography, my mission is to document the social and environmental metamorphosis that is taking place through the gentrification of Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Camera placement is arranged at different angles to capture diverse perspectives on how certain streets, buildings, and individuals can be perceived.
Richard is also transitioning into fashion, working with Major, Boss, Wilelmina and Ford Top Model Management Agencies. In a philanthropic effort, Richard has devoted himself to the Gordon Parks Foundation, the National Arts Club and American Society of Media Photographers New York Chapter. We are confident he will find success in his endeavors, and Asian Fusion looks forward to seeing more of his work in the world of fashion!