Looking Through the Lens of Fashion- Romeo Lee

(By Helen Yang)

Romeo Lee, a photographer from Korea, has been in the United States for over ten years. What attracted him to the U.S. was the diverse cultural melting pot that is the American population and the opportunities America has to offer. His daily life has given him a lot of inspiration, and he lives in the moment every minute of every day. He is a person who is full of curiosity and enjoys exploring new things, yearning to understand everything about anything.
This ambitious personality led him to pursue a career in photography. As a child, he loved to take his father’s camera apart to try and understand how it worked. While in college, he joined the photography club, which further fed into his curiosity of photography. “The feeling after seeing the images come out from film was amazing. It felt like magic to develop film in the dark room.”, he said. This magical feeling is what drove him to continue moving forward on this path. Unlike other photographers, he doesn’t always like to be the main director, especially when he is doing photo shoots. Although he prefers to make a plan and create something in mind before he starts to shoot, he loves to consult with his team and hear everyone’s opinion as well. He believes that teamwork can make things easier, bring more creativity, and shed light on things that others may not initially see. In addition, he emphasizes that he enjoys looking at the positive side for every situation and always keeps a grateful heart. For Romeo, photography is not just a piece of paper; his goal is to make his work speak to the viewer. Each piece of his work has its own message and he wants the viewer to feel it, clearly making his photos more than one dimensional.