Make a statement : Summer Trends 2009

By Raymond Qi

Start shaving ladies because this summer is all about skin…smooth skin! With weather fluctuating constantly this early, it’s definitely important to be aware of what’s happening this summer.

Uppermost on everybody’s mind is the swimsuit. For all the ladies who do not like to brag or maybe don’t feel as comfortable about their mid section, one piece and tankinis are your friends right now. However, with prints like animal shapes and polka dots, that shouldn’t be a problem. Whether it be a bikini or a one piece, an one shoulder or cut away is highly recommended and very popular this season on runways for designers like Roberto Cavalli, Herve Leger, and Mario Schwab. In terms of color, dare to be bold. Not just with bright colors, but have fun intertwining colors around. We can use a little perspective to get our minds off the current economic crisis.

A pair of sandals is a great place to start. You have the options that range from gladiators to strappy to wedges. Just don’t walk out with a plain sandal unless you’re on the beach. A plain sandal is rather tasteless and lazy, a bit too casual as some may say, so if you’re going to pack the heat on your body, don’t stop with the feet. Add some spice with fancy embellishments and eye popping colors.

Talking about feet, what about hands? The perfect bag? The summer is all about lightweight and bright colors. Shapes, texture, and portability are standards for the perfect hand or shoulder bag.

To end your outfit with a bang, match them with oversized accessories. Necklaces! Bangles! Earrings! Each of them makes a bold statement with the many fine prints that capture looks from the 60’s to the bohemian trend. At the same time, don’t be afraid to flaunt your news shades. You can play it safe with the aviators, or even deal big with the oversized frames. Outside the beach look, and onto the concrete streets, stomp it off with your new summer or patio dress. Make a statement with Polynesian, tribal, asymmetrical, or floral prints. Or just lay low and glide around with a set of neutral hues like designers off the runway. Lines like Calvin Klein and Vera Wang used many tints of beige and flesh tone to debut their Spring/ Summer pieces in contrast to the bright neon colors around.

To top off the casual look, put a blazer over it. Let it be boyfriend, or actually from your boyfriend, just make sure the fit is there. It can add some masculine edge to the feminine drapery. The structured piece will actually define the period of the shoulder pads which is currently in this season. To tie the look together, a dynamic or textured belt can say a lot about the girl wearing them.

Overall, this summer play up the prints and get ready for a splash of color! Make a statement with your different accessories which will set your outfit apart from the others they have in stores!