MáLà Project

MáLà Project

Photo credit: Katie Foster


MáLà Project is  a Michelin  Bib Guide  new school Chinese restaurant in the East Village of New York City, they offer authentic Chinese delicacies in a nostalgic and chic setting. The specialty, MáLà Dry Pot , is a merry ritual and a representative dish in Chinese cuisine enjoyed by millions of people.  The secret of the dry pot is in the sauce and it requires laborious making process and takes the most sensitive taste buds to discern the golden ratio of the 24 kinds of Chinese medicines. Often compared with Hot Pot, Dry Pot is a newer concept developed in 1970s of southern China, that offers a quicker, more modern way of dining.

Their restaurant in the East Village with retro style Chinese decor are complemented with warm glowing lights that create a romantic ambience, so the space itself is nice to step into in the cold weather of winter.

122 1st AVE, New York 10009


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