Malan Breton Fashion Show “A Journey to Taiwan”

Malan Breton Fashion Show

“A Journey to Taiwan”

Written and photography by: Jason Jaskot 


It’s not fair to simply say Malan Breton brought down the house at New York Fashion Week; he utterly blew it away. Starting with a dance routine followed by live music, Breton incorporated the performing arts into in his presentation The fashion show had unmistakable Taiwanese influence (Malan was born in Taiwan, and the Taiwan Tourism Board sponsored the show) and featured a jaw dropping array of looks, from pink pastel suits for the men, to bridal gowns for the ladies.

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Malan closed out Fashion Week with a private party at The London’s penthouse suite, but even there, the action continued. A quartet of male models wearing Malan’s suits worked the room. For his part, Malan wore an impeccable suit he designed himself but confessed “I’m exhausted” when we cornered him to chat for a few minutes. With a regular feature in Ok! Magazine and another upcoming show at NYC’s Grand Central Station, there’s no end in sight for Malan Breton.

While it’s true that the clothes make the man, what about the models? We had a chance to chat with two models from Malan‘s show.

Ryan Frederick is a 19 year old skater, surfer and now model, hailing from New Jersey. Signed with Major Models in NYC, this was Ryan’s first time working Fashion Week.

ASIAN FUSION: This really was your first season at New York Fashion Week, correct?

RYAN FREDERICK: Yes, this year was my first official Fashion Week. Walking for Malan Brenton was an awesome experience for me. It was everything that I would expect in a show. I also booked the Mister Triple X show and was able to experience it all again before the week was over.

AF: What was it like backstage at Malan’s show?

RYAN: The night of the Malan show, I was really nervous at first. We didn’t get a chance to do a walk through, so I was afraid I would mess up. Well, I didn’t mess up, and it was great. Walking for Malan was an experience I will not forget.

AF: What would be your dream designer to walk for next season? RYAN: Next season I would really like to walk for Givenchy. I love their brand.

Twenty – year old Miami native Massey Blakeman, who previously walked for designers Libertine and Ricardo Seco, worked the runway for a few years.

AF: You’ve been here at Fashion Week before. How was it this year?

MASSEY BLAKEMAN: It was cool this year. I did different things compared to last season. But still the same stress levels.

AF: What did you think of your outfit from Malan’s show?

MASSEY: My outfit was a shiny off-pink suit. I felt like a James Bond action figure! Overall, pretty awesome.

AF: What would your dream fashion project be? Editorial, runway, anything….

MASSEY: Probably a Gucci campaign. They always amaze me, or something for Phillip Lim, I’ve worked for him before and love his style.

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