matcha LOVE

By Andrew Chang

matcha LOVE is a line of naturally energizing matcha products that provide a gentle flow of heightened awareness that grounds you, so you can be present and effective. matcha LOVE ranges from ceremonial and culinary powders, to ready-to-drink beverages. A modern take on an ancient ritual, matcha LOVE was founded in 2013 by Ito En, the makers of Japan’s first unsweetened, ready-to-drink green tea and the world’s leading Japanese green tea producer.

matcha LOVE’s products feature 100- percent pure, whole-leaf Japanese green tea, sustainably and ethically sourced with the utmost dedication to quality and a deep respect for tradition. From stone-ground ceremonial powders to ready-to-drink matcha-infused iced teas, matcha LOVE products are nutrient- dense and provide a steady flow of clean energy. Each tea helps you to stay grounded with a gentle, natural boost, giving you mental clarity without the caffeine and sugar crash typical with other energy drinks.

matcha LOVE is available on Amazon and Fresh Direct and in major grocery stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Kroger, Sprouts, Safeway and more.


Ito En – the parent company of matcha LOVE – was founded in Japan by the Honjo family in 1966. Specializing in green teas and healthy beverages, Ito En quickly became a household name in Japan, where – to this day – it remains Japan’s best-selling green tea brand.

In 2002, Ito En launched in North America, bringing their diverse range of high quality products to a new audience and fostering a global appreciation for the ancient ritual. Ito En North America launched matcha LOVE in 2013 as the company’s English-language matcha brand, with a mission of the honoring the centuries-old tradition and bringing natural balanced energy and clarity to our fast-paced, modern day lives. matcha LOVE captures this lifestyle through the “Stay Grounded” campaign: encapsulating both the essence of matcha’s “grounded” substance of steamed, dried tea leaves and the natural, sustained energy it brings to all who drink it.

Ito En has been continually recognized for its outstanding commitment to sustainability and was ranked #18 in Fortune Magazine’s “50 Companies That Are Changing the World” in 2016.


matcha LOVE partners with sustainable Japanese farmers, who honor traditional farming techniques in order to achieve the highest quality “tencha”: the whole leaf green tea that is powdered into matcha. The leaves are picked, steamed, and dried out to preserve the vibrant color, umami flavor, and vital nutrients of green tea, including:

Amino acids, including L-Theanine, which is shown to help provide a state of “calm alertness,” while supporting focus, mental clarity and wakeful relaxation – all crucial to a matcha energy.

Catechins, a special kind of free-radical fighting flavonoid and antioxidant that’s frequently associated with cardiovascular health and weight loss.

EGCg, an active polyphenol known for its immunity-supporting and anti-inflammation properties – keeping on-the-go bodies healthy.

Plus, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and more antioxidants than blueberries, pomegranates, spinach or acai.


All matcha LOVE products are made from 100- percent pure Japanese green tea leaves. Whether you’re taking a moment of meditation with ceremonial powder, or on the way to yoga with a bottle of ice-steeped cold brew, you’re always getting the nourishing and delicious benefits of matcha.

Ceremonial Matcha:

Bring the timeless tradition and art of Japanese tea ceremonies into the home with these finely milled powdered whole leaf green teas. Simply whisk or stir into warm water, and enjoy the benefits of the entire green tea leaf in every sip. Available in tins and single serve packs, plus a variety of flavor intensities for beginners to matcha masters alike, including:

-Usucha (light-bodied, vibrant, bright and lively flavor)

-Organic (medium-bodied, smooth, herbaceous finish)

Culinary Matcha:

A delicious and versatile ingredient, this antioxidant-rich powder is perfect for cooking, baking or blending into an energizing smoothie. The high level of L-theanine, an amino acid, contributes to the umami taste – savory with a subtly sweet finish. Cooks of all levels can enjoy the purity of the green tea leaf in a variety of recipes, from smoothies to homemade chia pudding.


matcha LOVE gives you the energy and health benefits of drinking the entire green tea leaf, helping you to focus and stay grounded while on-the-go. Choose from:

Shots: Brewed with 100-percent pure matcha, premium tea leaves and no added preservatives, shots are designed for supplying a quick, energizing boost, coupled with 120 mg of Catechins in every sweetened or unsweetened can.

Bottles: matcha LOVE offers a line of refreshing zero-calorie brews in BPA-free PET bottles, available in both Traditional and Ginger flavor varieties.

Cold Brew: Made with an authentic Japanese cold brew recipe that ice- steeps the tea, the Cold Brew line brings you the smoothest, most refreshing taste with clearer flavor and less caffeine. Cold Brew matcha LOVE is available in Traditional, Cucumber + Mint, and a slightly sweetened Lemon.

Tea Bags: matcha LOVE tea bags offer the best of both worlds with convenience in mind. This isn’t your typical green tea; each matcha LOVE tea bag combines both green tea and Japanese matcha. The matcha gives your cup extra rich flavor, and the energy to focus and keep going. Flavors available include Traditional, Apple + Ginger, and Lemon Verbena + Peppermint. In December 2018, matcha LOVE will launch three new flavors: Peach + Cinnamon, Blueberry Lavender, Turmeric + Yuzo.