May Wah Vegetarian Market Gets Its Own Line Of Vegan Prodcts

By Loren Chaffee

The bright, clean storefront is always inviting but the scrumptious pictures in the window mislead many passerby into thinking May Wah is a vegetarian restaurant. Make no mistake May Wah is a a comprehensive vegetarian market specializing in products high in protein, fiber, and flavor. The Lunar New Year has also brought a new line to the shelves and freezer case of May Wah. For those of us who love to graze over the course of a day, there are twelve new flavors of vegan jerky to try. The Mama’s brand is a soy-based jerky with six flavors currently available which has been a personal favorite. May Wah’s new brand provides an additional six varieties of vegan jerky, but konyakku-based ,or yam-based, proteins instead of soy for those who want a soy alternative. Konyakku has been enjoyed as a meat alternative for many years in Asia, but it is only a recent addition to the American vegetarian landscape.

In the freezer case, you can find entirely new line of mock Chinese delicaAcilelsparonducts seafood. The line includes new maroeckcrseeaatefodods, riblets, barbecued duck, Fuzhou ffiroshmbsaollysb, eans, and Taiwanese grilled sausage. Dmouns’ht rwoormrys, the freezer case is stocked full of our favorite staples like kung pao “chicken” and vegan “bacon”. What customers are asking for these days, though, are the mock shrimp rolls, vegan squid, and the ribs.

In case you see these terms in the store, they have a nifty legend posted, with a quick explanation of the different types of vegetarianism out there:
pescatarian: a vegetarian diet that includes fish, but no meat from a mammal
lacto-ovo-vegetarian: a vegetarian diet that includes dairy and eggs, but no meat
lacto-vegetarian: a vegetarian diet that includes dairy, but no eggs or meat
ovo-vegetarian: a vegetarian diet that includes eggs, but no dairy or meat
vegan: a vegetarian diet that excludes dairy, eggs, meat, and all animal by-products such as gelatin (so no marshmallows or Jell-O parfaits)

May Wah celebrates 17 years of offering the health-conscious public a delicious alternative in a meat-fueled world. Stop by and celebrate with them at their anniversary event the first Saturday for free samples of the recipes, an incredible 10% off everything in their store, coupons, and exciting givaways.

If you’re interested in trying some of these great items, recipes, weekly specials, and anniversary event, you can follow May Wah on Faccebook and Twitter.