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When we first decided to feature MEGU as one of the most respected Japanese restaurants in New York, we were like “Yes!”  After I asked several friends for their opinion about an interview at MEGU, they were like “ Very yes!!”.  If you are a foodie or someone who is really picky about the intergredients in your food, MEGU is probably the place you should eat at next.  Except for New York, MEGU has a total of six chain restaurants located all over the world, including New Delhi, Doha, Moscow and Switzerland.  Megu creates a new style called  “modern Japanese cuisine”, which  not only means the creation of dishes, but also  to present the original Japanese flavor with even better ingredients in a more modern way.

MEGU’s team of chefs travel all over Japan and the United States to find the finest and rarest seasonal ingredients– including Kobe Beef, Japanese Blue Fin Tuna, Smelts, Kanzuri Chili PasteTofu and a variety of Japanese condiments.

For our entrée we went with Kobe beef slice “Ishiyaki”, which was created by cross-breeding the best blood-lined “Kuroge Wagyu” with the best Angus cattle possible, which was raised in a comfortable and relaxed environment to avoid stress.  It tastes tender and succulent. It’s best not to eat with miso or spicy sauce, because without the distraction of strong flavor, you can taste the most delicate texture and the high meat density. As for the main course I have to recommend the Yellowtail Carpaccio with Kanzuri sauce, which is made of fresh yellow tail and a unique chili called kanzuri. The quality and freshness of the meat is quite impressive. Usually I cannot handle spicy food well, but this one is tasty yet not too spicy.  Unlike other chili peppers, rather than hanging the chili peppers in the sun, they are left on the snow for several days to refine and sweeten its taste.  For dessert, we had Matcha Green Tea Crepe, a unique dessert that is similar to a pound cake texture but with 21 layers. It’s just the right amount of matcha, mixed with the right amount of cream, making it tasty and refreshing yet not too sweet. The dishes are presented in specially designed handcrafted plates or bowls, each inspired by the item. Looking at the drink menu, we found an extensive list with over 600 offerings of wine and 60 varieties of sake from japan.

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The restaurant’s décor is filled with customary Japanese interior accents, bringing out a quaint and sophisticated ambiance. Aiming to be a Japanese restaurant that not only makes amazing food but also brings Japanese culture to its world of customers, MEGU uses the most integrated way to forge the dining environment: the lamp pillars, the family crests that cascade from top to bottom, the 500 pound crystal chandelier and the 27 foot long hand-drawn mural of tigers. Using the high ceilings and the wall-to-wall windows, they have created a spacious and distinct dining space. The rich fabrics, the highest-grade wood materials, and the artistic integrity were upheld in the construction of MEGU Midtown.

We also noticed the uniform that the chef wears, which combines traditional and modern elements, and was designed by the Japan- based team of Joutaro Saito and Yumiko Ohzeki and complement Yasumichi Morita’s interior. We found that MEGU New York and MEGU Midtown both share a very unique ambiance, but differ in atmosphere: MEGU New York is extravagant, sexy, chic, and contains very high energy. MEGU Midtown is elegant, intimate, and comfortable. The food is simply amazing, and definitely not a splurge for such great quality food and fabulous ambiance.