Mingling with Ethan Hawke and B.D. Wong


By Vita Kuo

Metropolitan Arts League, which is an organization devoted to supporting the arts and artists, hosted two events, “SPEAK UP CONNIE” and “Special Screening & Discus- sion with Ethan Hawke,” in February. Through organizing many high profile events, Metro- politan Arts League hopes to raise money for inner city youth development through creative initiatives and arts.

The humorous and thought provoking solo show, “SPEAK UP CONNIE” was presented at Stage Left Studio on February 4th. The show was written and performed by Cindy Cheung, a movie and TV actress. She spoke about growing up as a “good Chinese girl,” transitioning her major from mathematics to acting and her relationship with her mother. Cindy used her blunt humor and hilarious body language to make for a great night out. The director BD Wong also contributed to the success of the show. Besides the best-known role as Dr. George Huang in the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, BD Wong is also a published author and a show director. BD Wong and Cindy Cheung’s excellent collabora- tion made the show a sockeroo and won strong applause from the audience.

The Metropolitan Arts League also held a lovely event on the weekend before Valentine’s Day. On February 11th, the founder, Jeanine Jeo-Hi Kim, invited the talented actor Ethan Hawke to watch the movie, “BEFORE SUNSET,” with the audience and have conversations with them after the movie. All proceeds of the event were donated to The New Group & its LIFE STORIES YOUTH ENSEMBLE program, which is a free education program to inspire NYC teenagers. “It is fun to watch this movie again,” said Ethan. He shared many interesting stories when he shot the movie and his thoughts on doing a third film in the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset universe to describe the romantic love again. “It was a romantic and meaningful event,” said the participants. Thanks to Metro- politan Arts League, the audience had a really great experience and close interaction with Ethan during the event.

Metropolitan Arts League is an organization devoted to supporting the arts and artists by spreading words about their work. It was founded by Jeanine Jeo-Hi Kim, a former speechwriter for the President and Deputy Prime Minister of The Republic of Korea, and currently a writer on films, theater, art and fashion. Its mission is to build a community of art patrons, to create a forum for artists (including young aspiring artists) to learn about the works of other artists, to foster collabora- tion among artists and artistic groups, and to promote youth development through the arts.