Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant – Day 4 Albany State Capitol Building & Saratoga Springs & Spa

Day 4  – Albany State Capitol Building & Saratoga Springs & Spa

 By: Erik Teng    Photography by Erik Teng


    I have to admit; I woke up with a bit of a charge this morning. Today we headed to our state capitol, Albany.  Our first stop was the Capitol Building.  As with any government building, you have to venture through airport tight security.  Our guide, Michele Vennard then gave us an in-depth look into this government building.  We ventured through the War Room, the Million Dollar staircase and the senate room.


After we toured the building, we headed to Saratoga Springs Mineral Spa.  This was quite an interesting experience, because we were permitted to drink this natural spring water that is shooting out from the ground.  I am not going to lie… I did not enjoy it; the taste can best be described as salty and metallic tasting.  Don’t let me lack of enjoyment deter you from at least visiting up here to try it for yourself.  I am, told that it has healing properties.  As a matter of fact, (and I am quoting our tour guides) FDR was a big fan of Saratoga because of the springs and even invested millions of dollars into the development of Saratoga’s State Park.  It was a nice way to go full circle from our visit to his home yesterday in Poughkeepsie.


  The girls got to finish the day off with mineral baths at the resort.  It was a relaxing end to a day full of activities.  We’re off to have a day at the beach tomorrow, you will definitely want to check back for that.

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