Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant – Day 7 – Herkimer Diamond Mines, GEMS along the Mohawk, Howe Caverns

Day 7 – Herkimer Diamond Mines, GEMS

along the Mohawk, Howe Caverns

By: Erik Teng    Photography by Erik Teng


 They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and that seems to hold true, especially if you mine for them yourself… Today, we headed towards the Herkimer Diamond Mines, which are home to quartz crystals only available here.  Renee Shevat, owner of the Herkimer Diamond mines, met us and gave us a warm welcome as well as an introduction into what we were looking for and a history of the world famous, Herkimer Diamond.


So armed with a sledgehammer and goggles, the girls headed into the open-aired mines.  Anything found, the girls got to keep and even could be made into jewelry.  So after about an hour out in the mines, the girls headed back to sort through and appraise their take.  This was a one of a kind experience for all of us.  In addition to being able to keep everything they found, the girls were gifted a wonderful set of earrings made (of-course) with Herkimer Diamonds.


Afterwards, we headed to lunch along the Erie Canal.  We were treated to some of the juiciest burgers and chicken sandwiches I have ever had.  But lunch didn’t last too long as we had to rush over to Howe Caverns.  Now this experience was something I never thought I would ever do in a million years.  Actually, these caverns are believed to be over 6 million years old.  Situated 156 feet below the surface of the earth, this chilly 54-degree cavern houses some of the most geologically interesting formations ever seen by man.  Our guide, Sparky led us through 1-mile walk within the cavern.  All the while, letting us know interesting facts at every turn.

Overall, the day was chock full of tours and events.  This photographer is just luck to be a part of it.  Tomorrow we are off to the Finger Lakes… Stay tuned everyone.

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