Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant – Day 8 – Erie Canal, Cornell University, Robert H. Tremen State Park, Corning Museum of Glass and Rochester (Big Ribs BQ & Jazz Festival)

Day 8 – Erie Canal, Cornell University,

Robert H. Tremen State Park, Corning Museum of Glass and

Rochester (Big Ribs BQ & Jazz Festival)

By: Erik Teng    Photography by Erik Teng


 Tired doesn’t begin to describe how I am feeling; however this is the good type of tired.  It’s the kind of tired you get after a full day of activities and you’re just trying to take it all in…

Our day began with a relaxing boat ride down the Erie Canal.  I know I have mentioned that everywhere I go, it is picturesque but Lake Erie is no exception to that rule.  We all boarded the ferry with our guide, Dan.  He gave us a brief history of the canal and how many changes it has undergone since it was first built in 1817.  I didn’t know (or probably forgotten since Middle School) that is was used to transport items.  But the relaxation of this ride didn’t last long as we had to head to Ithaca to tour the campus of Cornell University.


Cornell University is an Ivy League college that I can only hope my daughter gets into one day…(only time will tell) But the campus itself is beautiful and was founded in 1865.  The student body consists of 14K undergraduates and 7000 graduate students.  Our guides (both still students) gave us a quick tour of the campus and filled us with it’s rich history.


The next stop was a hike in the Robert H. Tremen State Park.  We hiked about a mile into the park to arrive at a beautiful waterfall ironically named, Lucifer Falls.  I just wished I dressed better for the hike.  Overall, it was a great experience.  Please If you have the opportunity to visit, please do so.  You won’t be sorry.

Our second to last stop, we headed to the Corning Museum of Glass.  We were greeted by Kim Thompson, and headed through this beautiful museum.  I never knew glass could be works of art, and was literally blown away by the pieces on display here.  All the girls too were in awe of these pieces of art.  They were even given the opportunity to design some of their own pieces.  Again, this was a one of a kind experience and I look forward to visiting here with my family.

Finally, we finished our day off in Rochester, NY.  As luck would have it, we arrived just in time for the Big Rib & Jazz Festival.  Now, I have heard of Southern hospitality, but the folks in Rochester made us feel so welcomed.  Claire Wysokowski , Director of Public Relations for Visit Rochester welcomed us with open arms.  As a jaded Ny’er, it’s so refreshing to meet genuine people.   The girls with their bellies filled with some of the bet ribs I have ever had ventured over to the concert to hear Robert Randolph  & the Family Band perform.  Needless to say, we had a great time.  Thank you Rochester and all the folks we met today.

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