Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant

02By Blythe Liu
The Miss Chinese New York Beauty Pageant began in 1991. It is a beauty pageant that provides an opportunity for young, talented and beautiful American-Chinese women to show their virtues, intelligence and cultural awareness. The winner will represent New York City and compete in the Miss Chinese International Beauty Pageant held every year in Hong Kong.
The Semi-Finals Gala was held at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel on May 31. Fourteen beautiful, lucky girls were chosen from twenty-eight girls through a series of competitive trials. The contestants show off their talents such as belly dancing, Chinese style dancing, singing, and giving speeches so as to impress judges and audiences. This year the committee is also integrating an audience voting mechanism, adding a new dimension and segment to the event to increase the fun and fairness.600651_455759677849480_747831478_n
The 12th Annual Miss New York Chinese Beauty Final Competition will be held at Mohegan Sun Resort on August 18th. Before that, each of the final 14 contestants will go to China to work alongside the local famous actors and actresses. They will also compete with the contestants in Chongqing and Anhui.
To find out more information about the Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant event, please visit their website: http://misschinesepageant.com/usa/