MK Vision Center Helping People See Well and Look Good

MK Vision Center

Helping People See Well and Look Good

By Rigche Ma


Kaleena Ma, the optical shop owner who lends her initials to MK Vision Center, is building on 30 years of experience inherited from the Mott Optical Group – her family’s business initiated by her father, an optician by profession. The first shop front opened on Mott Street, in lower Manhattan, and has earned its reputation of being a trustworthy and reliable brand in eye care.


Inspired by the field of opticianry, which combines both professionalism and fashion, Ma has taken the vision of Mott Optical Group, and ventured to the vibrant and established neighborhood of Forest Hills, in Queens, where MK Vision Center has made its home for almost a year. Its place in the neighborhood was firmly established when the Queens Courier lauded MK Vision Center the Best Eye Care and Best Optician in 2014. Indeed, giving back to the community had always been a part of the plan; MK Vision organizes free eye screening in local schools, and is a contributor, collecting and donating used glasses to New Eyes for the Needy, a New Jersey effort.


MK Vision strives to live up to the values that lay the foundations of Mott Optical Group, and continue the tradition of providing dedicated eye care services, and choice products, helping people see well, and look good.


The wide selection of frames available include high-end designers’, brand names such as Suki, T-Generation and Mott & Bayard, that are exclusive to the Mott Optical Group, to budget friendly ranges that give no cause to look twice at the price tags. Catering to the substantial Asian population in Forest Hills, MK Vision specializes in customized frame designs with extendable bridges, nose pads, and even nose pads on plastic frames.


With half of the interior walls decked out with sunglasses, MK Vision easily carries the largest selections of shades compared to other similar shops within the vicinity. The emphasis on sunglasses and eye protection relates directly to MK Vision’s focus on quality eye care.


‘It is impossible to compare the level of eye protection offered by a pair of good sunglasses from a professional optical shop to that given by an ordinary drugstore-bought pair,’ Ma cautioned, and further highlighted that, despite the popularity of Lasik (vision correction surgery), there will always be a need to protect the eyes from detrimental UV rays and computer glare – which can bring the early onset of cataracts. MK Vision also carries customized contact lenses with UV protection.


Clearly, Ma knows the importance of a good pair of glasses – whether for eye protection or vision correction, she is also author of a children’s book, ‘Glasses for Me? Oh No!’, published by Author House. In this semi-autobiographical story, third-grader Sini adjusts to the idea of needing and wearing glasses.


Ma started wearing glasses at 8 years old, but switched to contact lenses in her teens for convenience when playing sports, and continues to wear them today. Although she is owner of an entire optical shop, she keeps her perspectives in focus with as many as 10 pairs of sunglasses for personal use – Chanel, Paul Smith, Oliver Peoples, Suki, T-Generation, Ray-Band and Tiffany, etc. All available at MK Vision, of course.

MK Vision Center is located at 107-29 71st Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375. For more information, visit www.mkvisioncenter.com .



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