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DGMott Street Optical Group has become the premier destination for anyone in search of high-quality eye care and eye care products.  Mott Optical Group is not one store, but in fact five, with locations conveniently located in both Manhattan and Queens. They include Mott Street Optical, Flushing Optical, Universal Optical, MK Vision Center and MK2 Optical. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Mott Street Optical is considered the flagship and has been helping their customers see the world more clearly and look great for over 20 years. Since opening its doors in 1987, the business has been family-owned and operated. The key philosophy, and underlying foundation to their success, can be found in their level of service, the wide range of quality eyeware, and their deep-rooted support and ties to the local community.


Mott Street Optical Group strives to consistently provide the best service for their customers. There are many varied reasons why you might visit an optical store. In order to meet, and often exceed their customer’s every possible need, Mott Street Optical Group employs staff and optometrists who are confident in their ability to ensure every customer receives prompt service, a professional, yet friendly experience, and the satisfaction in knowing you are being assisted by a dedicated staff who understand that you are their number one priority.

Mott Optical Group’s licensed opticians and optometrists all use the latest in eye care equipment and technology so that their customers are able to receive a thorough eye examination and quality, professional service. Whether you would want a new pair of glasses or just your glasses readjusted, there will always be a helpful associate in sight.

Their reputation has been earned through years of providing an array of services to their customers.  If a hectic schedule is keeping you from making an eye exam appointment, no worries.  Mott Optical Group readily accepts same day walk-in appointments. If your contacts aren’t fitting just right anymore, stop by for either a fitting or adjusting of your lenses.  Eye exams are also given for any purpose, and a wide array of different lens treatments and lenses for either optical frames or sunglasses is right there in store.

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Few people are actually aware of the kinds, or the benefits, of the different lenses and lens treatments that are available.  Lenses can come in the form of thin, high-definition, transition or progressive.  Lens treatments pertain to the different coatings that can accompany the lenses.  One very popular coating is an anti-reflective coating to help protect your eyes from harmful rays of sunlight, or see better in bright sunlight.  It’s important to add here that Mott Optical also carries the exclusive Crizal brand of anti-reflective coating. This specific brand uses the latest technology to ensure your lenses will stay scratch-free and is also dust repellant.

Every Mott Optical store aims to create an environment that is both inviting and comfortable.  If you’re looking for the perfect pair of frames, all their stores carry an extensive line of eyewear collections. Their wide assortment is visible proof of their commitment to provide quality.  Here you will find all of the popular luxury brands including Chanel, Ray Ban or Dior alongside niche brands such as IC!BERLIN or Alain Mikli.  Furthering the company’s quest to provide quality frames, Mott Optical also carries exclusive in-house brands that prove to be trendy, affordable and quality.  The company most recently introduced their specialized brand, Mott & Bayard frames.  While some collections only feature a few colors and styles, Mott & Bayard has an impressive amount of 23 styles, each with a minimum of two color choices.  The different styles were named after notable locations in the company’s hometown of New York City.

Eyewear has rapidly become the fashion trend that lets you say so much about who you are by the frames you wear.  From celebrities to politicians, high-fashion catwalks to big city sidewalks, everyone seems to want the latest frame to put their personality in focus for all the world to see.  And 2014 shows no sign of this trend fading away.  Here’s what we’re looking at in the upcoming year:

Taking a cue from the latest craze in social media. the Instagram look has a 1970’s look and feel.  Rosy tinted lenses from Ferragamo give the wearer a softer, filtered view of the world.  Carrera is offering eyewear with gold-tinted lenses, giving the wearer a sepia-like effect.

Lenses with angular cuts and neutral colors create a look being referred to as the Mathematical look.  Designs by Prada and Emporio Armani place a high emphasis on the brow bar.  A key identifier of the mathematical look would be a geometric shape to the style of the lense.

The Aquatic look takes its cue from the ocean, featuring vibrant blues, turquoises and teals.  Cloudy sea glass-textured frames bring the oceanic look to a level of fashion never seen before in the category.

Earthy greens and vibrant pinks come together to create what’s called the Garden look.  Eyewear by Mui Mui and Dolce & Gabbana offer spring foliage and floral prints.  A splash of floral brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “getting in touch with Mother Nature.”

In addition to providing service excellence, Mott Optical is always looking for ways to give back to the community.  In the past, they have provided free eye screenings at local schools.  These screenings act as a preliminary examination of the child’s eye health. This is particularly important for a child who may never have had their eyes checked by an eye care professional.  Mott Optical also works in conjunction with the non-profit organization, New Eyes for the Needy, to help aid children in need of optical care.

A company that understands service, a commitment to quality, and the importance of giving back to the communities they do business with, the Mott Optical Group of eyeware and eye care stores is not only your all-inclusive quality vision care destination, but also a good neighbor in the community.

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