By Yangsze Choo

Novelist Yangsze Choo’s newest book, “The Night Tiger”, is set in 1930’s colonial Malaysia and is an adult fiction that takes place in a British medical community, telling a story about a dressmaker’s apprentice moonlighting as a dancehall girl, and a young boy tasked with returning a severed finger to its buried owner. It is a Book of the Month selection for January and is one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2019 for both Goodreads and BookPage.
Inspired by the many abandoned British colonial residences in Southeast Asia as well as folklore surrounding the Chinese afterlife, Choo describes The Night Tiger as a sort of “Downton Abbey of the tropics, I’ve always been interested in what I call mirror worlds–there’s a world that is seen, and a world that is not. In the old houses, there’s an upstairs and a downstairs. And perhaps in the end, reality is what you end up believing in. Two people can see the same event and will recall it significantly differently.”

Captivating and lushly written, The Night Tiger explores the rich world of servants and masters, ancient superstition and modern ambition, sibling rivalry and unexpected love. Woven through with Chinese folklore and a tantalizing mystery, The Night Tiger is a “sumptuous garden maze of a novel” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review), “a work of incredible beauty” (Booklist, starred review), and a “superb murder mystery” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).