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Well, its bathing suit season, which means watching our waistline is a bit more important. Chances are you are going to be showing a bit more skin in the upcoming months, so eating a healthier diet might appeal to you. NYC has plenty of healthy eateries to wet your whistle. Here are the top ten healthy Asian restaurants that are sure to get you into those short shorts this summer.

Beyond Sushi 


With several locations around the city, Beyond Sushi really is a NYC stable. We love the midtown location with its simplistic vibe and red brick walls. This spot is the ideal setting for some wonderful healthy sushi. The Spicy Mango Roll, Coconut Curry Noodle Soup, Fun Guy Dumplings are among our favorite. And you won’t feel guilty after dining on Beyond Sushi’s delectable menu.

62 W 56th St
New York, NY 10019



Midtown East

With a charming and comfortable atmosphere of soft reds and browns, Hangawi is a great spot to get cozy and relaxed with some yummy eats. And not only does Hangawi offer tasty dishes, the food is also on the healthier side. The Avocado Stone Rice Bowl is full of wonderful healthy fats and the Black Sesame Porridge feels like a taste of home without all the extra calories.

12 E 32nd St
New York, NY 10016


Aux Epices


If you love French and Asian Fusion, then Aux Epices will be a great spot for you. And many of the scrumptious dishes offered are both mouthwatering and good for you!  The Seafood Laksa is so good and won’t get in the way of your dieting goals. We also love the Nasi Lemak and Mango Avocado Rolls. Although Aux Epices is on the small side, the rustic and modern air makes this spot ideal for grabbing lunch with friends.

121 Baxter St New York, NY


Shu Jiao Fu Zhou 

Cuisine Restaurant Lower East Side

Eating a home cooked meal is always a plus, but often times that means adding an extra bit of fat and calories. Well, at Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine Restaurant you will get the cozy and homey kitchen feel with some really tasty healthy eats. The Steamed Pork and Chive Dumplings are among the most healthy and popular. We also love the Fish Balls with Pork Filling. Delish!

118 Eldridge St New York, NY

 Shu Jiao Fu Zhou


Wei West

Battery Park

If you are a gluten-free fan, then Wei West will be an ultimate eatery for you! There are several dishes on the menu that will fit your dietary needs. We think you’ll really enjoy the Pad Thai and the Rock Shrimp Tempura. Wei West also has outdoor seating available which make this the perfect spot to dine al fresco this summer.

235 Murray St New York, NY



Lower East Side

Gohan is a pretty popular restaurant on the Lower East Side. And while it doesn’t look like much from the outside, we know not to judge a book by its cover. Inside you will find delightful meals like Coconut-Crust Chicken, Grilled Squid, Miso Salmon, and Herbal Chicken Soup. And not only are these dishes appetizing, they are also great for your waistline.

14A Orchard St New York, NY


Pinch Chinese

South Village 

Often Chinese food is not necessarily synonymous with healthy. However, Pinch Chinese knows how to make those traditional Chinese dishes not only delicious, but also healthy. The Mapo Tofu is one of our favorites and also on the lighter side. The Cumin Ribs and Soup Dumplings are also a must try. Pinch Chinese has a sleek and modern ambiance that you will love. The red wall juxtaposed with the black accessories will make you ready for a night on the town.

177 Prince St New York, NY


Mooncake Foods

South Village

Sometimes eating healthy can cost a pretty penny. However, at Mooncake Foods in the South Village/Soho, you will find great vegetarian options that won’t break the bank. And while it isn’t much on the fancy side, the food will be so succulent that you won’t care one bit about the ambiance. We love the Buckwheat Noodles with Tofu! The Spicy Tofu Ban Mih is also quite delectable! So if you are in Soho and looking for affordable and delightful eats, check out Mooncake Foods! You won’t be disappointed.

28 Watts St New York, NY



LuAnne’s Wild Ginger All-Asian Vegan

Little Italy

This vegan and vegetarian cafe is just as quaint and cute as it is delicious. And with a variety of flavorsome dishes to choose from, you’ll be in taste bud heaven without ruining your diet. We understand that keeping healthy is important, but it should be tasty too. We especially love the Dumplings and the Crispy Soy appetizer. Yum!

380 Broome St New York, NY




Midtown West

The greatest part of Pokeworks is that you get to be the chef. Pick your favorite protein and add all of your favorite healthy toppings. Pokeworks does have already made bowls to choose from or to give you inspiration. We really love the Spicy Ahi bowl!  This spot is very popular so get there early to avoid a long wait.

63 W 37th St New York, NY



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