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Naomi Campell’s Fashion For Relief

NaomiDSC_9450 copy

For ten years now Naomi Campell’s Fashion For Relief has raised funds and awareness for various social issues. This year’s focus was on ebola in Africa; Jeffrey Wright opened the show with a short speech reminding everyone that during the previous NYFW in September, Ebola was on everyone’s mind, but while it’s faded from the conciousness here, it is still very much taking a toll in Africa. So this is definitely fashion for a good cause, and the fashion, from a variety of designers, was terrific. Even more thrilling though was the amazing celebrity runway line-up: Kelly Osbourne, NeNe Leakes, Rosario Dawson, Paris Hilton, Tyson Beckford, former Elle creative director Joe Zee and of courage Ms. Campell herself walked, along with many others. The grand finale though was Mary J. Blige who moved down the runway with her signature beauty and grace. Speaking of beauty and grace, America’s NextTop Model contestant Winnie Harlow also walked. Harlow has the skin disorder vitiligo, which causes white patches all over her body, including her face. She’s become an inspiration for sure and she moved with confidence and ebullient energy to loud applause from the crowd, another high point in an already exciting show.

NaomiDSC_9304 copy NaomiDSC_9288 copy NaomiDSC_9285 copy NaomiDSC_9301 copy

NaomiDSC_9417 copy NaomiDSC_9388 copy NaomiDSC_9355 copy NaomiDSC_9370 copy NaomiDSC_9340 copy



TomeDSC_8678 copy

Tome once again presented an elegant and tasteful collection, although not without a few fun splashes of color. The collection, inspired by Donna Karan and featuring a collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line, continues the brand’s take on upscale, chic urban dressing.

TomeDSC_8684 copy TomeDSC_8677 copy TomeDSC_8673 copy


OudifuDSC_9733 copy OudifuDSC_9762 copy

OudifuDSC_9765 copy OudifuDSC_9767 copy OudifuDSC_9759 copy OudifuDSC_9754 copy OudifuDSC_9744 copy

OudifuDSC_9776 copy OudifuDSC_9773 copy

Fallen Pearls by Nathan Scott

PearlsDSC_9092 copy PearlsDSC_9134 copy PearlsDSC_9141 copy PearlsDSC_9137 copy PearlsDSC_9125 copy PearlsDSC_9131 copy

August Getty

AugustDSC_8905 copy AugustDSC_8908 copy AugustDSC_8917 copy AugustDSC_8922 copy AugustDSC_8928 copy AugustDSC_8932 copy AugustDSC_8934 copy AugustDSC_8942 copy AugustDSC_8947 copy AugustDSC_8951 copy AugustDSC_8956 copy 

Vivian Tam

VivianDSC_9648 copy VivianDSC_9644 copy VivianDSC_9642 copy VivanDSC_9653 copy VivianDSC_9652 copy 

Zang Toi

ZangDSC_9872 copy ZangDSC_9864 copy ZangDSC_9867 copy ZangDSC_9879 copy ZangDSC_9880 copy ZangDSC_9892 copy ZangDSC_9903 copy ZangDSC_9899 copy ZangDSC_9912 copy


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