New York Times Travel: Taiwan Tourism Bureau designates 2018 as the “Year of Bay Tourism – Discover the Island, The Time is Now”

New York Times Travel:

Taiwan Tourism Bureau designates 2018 as the

“Year of Bay Tourism – Discover the Island, The Time is Now”

by Sophia Hsu


The New York Times Travel Show: Jan. 26 – 28

Taiwan Tourism Bureau promoted its “2018 – The Year of Bay Tourism” travel initiative with themed activities around the tagline, “Discover the Island of Taiwan.” Guishan Island, Green Island, Orchid Island, Ryukyu Island, Qimei, Beigan, ten of the most charming islands are featured in addition to a number of special marine tourism activities related to the four seasons. Going forward, the use of “The Main Island × The Outlying Islands” will be a tour template, driving sightseeing and economic development to the outlying Islands and gradually build the islands’ eco-tourism.

The New York Times Travel Show is the largest international travel exhibition on the East Coast with its grand debut at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City from January 26 to January 28, with more than 30,000 media, industry professionals, and attendees coming from all over.

This year, the Tourism Bureau has selected Turtle Island, Green Island, Orchid Island, Ryukyu, Qimei, Fisher Islands (Pescadores Islands), Jibei, Little Kinmen (Lieyu Island), Beigan, and Dongliu as the ten major islands to be featured under the “2018 Year of Bay Tourism” brand. The exhibition booth will showcase the nature and culture of the islands of Taiwan where the public can see the islands’ main attractions on display; including Penghu’s Double Heart Stones, handmade wooden boats of Orchid Island, and the green reef turtles of the Ryukyu Islands. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau will also provide information and travel advice on international events during the “2018 Year of Bay Tourism”. The two national airlines of Taiwan, China Airlines and Evergreen have partnered with the tourism industry to sell Taiwan travel packages, so visit the booth for a chance to participate in the lottery to win Taipei-New York round-trip tickets.


Liwen Hsu, director of the Bureau’s New York Office, stated, “Visitors to Taiwan in 2017 once again exceeded 10 million tourists for three consecutive years. Despite unfavorable conditions and red tape, the unwavering assistance of departments in reducing visa restrictions, actively promoting high standards in the quality of tourism in the industry and strengthening the active promotion of tourism internationally, Taiwan expects another year of tens of millions of tourists. Through the “2018 Yeast of Bay Tourism”, the main island, and the outlying islands, travelers get to have different experiences.

Jiasi Wen, director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s New York Office stated, “Taiwan (including the Penghu Islands) has more than 1,500 km (~932 miles) of total coastline. Although, the total land area is only ~2.5% of the world’s total, it contains more than one-tenth of the world’s marine species, a variety of coastal, ecological, and cultural landscape.  This year, a number of international conventions and activities a will be held in Taiwan, including the World’s Most Beautiful Bay Annual Meeting (Penghu), the World Flower Expo (Taichung), the 9th Asian Birdwatching Fair (Chiayi) and more. Taiwan warmly welcomes international travelers to come discover the Islands of Taiwan.

The New York Times Travel Show is open until Sunday, January 28. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invites you to come to Taiwan to learn about the “2018 Year of Bay Tourism”. All kinds of activities and related offers will be announced in quick succession on Taiwan spokesbear Oh Bear’s Facebook page and fan group, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Facebook fan group, and the Taiwan Tourism Information Website (