By Kelly Wu

NOBLE Skin Care, the most advanced and high-tech luxury anti-aging skin care product line on the market. The groundbreaking skincare line was founded in 2016 by Noble Prize-Winning chemist, Sir Fraser Stoddart and business partner, Dr. Youssry Botros. The business partners also founded PanaceaNano Inc., the company behind the break-through, patented Organic Nano-Cube Technology (ONC).  The Organic Nano-Cube Technology offered in NOBLE Skin Care remains unmatched by its competitors and proves to have ten times longer treatment duration and effectiveness compared with other products in the market today.

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NOBLE Skin Care is proud to create 100% natural, organic, renewable, and cruelty free products.

It’s no secret that skincare is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2018.

Noble Skin Care With Precise Delivery Of ONC Technology

The NOBLE Anti-Aging Skincare product line is based on PanaceaNano’s patented Organic Nano Cube (ONC) functional nanomaterial technology. ONCs are made of organic, green and edible materials that act as nano-reservoirs which store anti-aging active ingredients and release them into the skin in a selective and controlled manner and at high precision. This allows NOBLE Skin Care to be ten times as affective as its competitors.

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