NYC Subway Dressed in Stunning Taiwan Vistas

NYC Subway Dressed in Stunning Taiwan Vistas

Translation by Sophia Hsu


From now until October 28th, 2018, the New York City trains will debut murals from Taiwan on the Times Square shuttle (S) line. The train cars are covered in bright colors representing Taiwan’s diverse culture and beautiful, natural scenery. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s New York Office held a music performance on the platform of Grand Central Station on October 2nd and invited the director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, Xu Weiwen, China Airlines, and EVA Air to participate. A jazz band performed live songs such as Lost Tongzi, Baodao Mambo, and Ilha Formosa, showing off a strong Taiwanese flavor and an inviting atmosphere.

The New York City Subway is integral for New Yorkers and international travelers alike. The shuttle (S line) is the bridge between the two most popular tourist attractions, Times Square and Grand Central Station. For the first time, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau‘s New York Office leveraged the New York City subway to display murals of scenic Taiwan to promote tourism. An internationally awarded Taiwanese visual artist, Jiang Mengzhi, was invited to elaborate the designs of the murals. The base color for the design is mainly a peachy pink, and the exterior of the car adopts the image of “Aboriginal Laughter” created by contemporary, indigenous artist Master You to symbolize Taiwan’s welcoming nature. The design symbolizes Taiwan’s friendliness and hospitality, and the use of bright blue ribbons represent Taiwan’s rolling mountains and beautiful coastline. The cars’ interiors are covered in a design emulating Taiwan’s famous Hakka flowered cotton broadcloth as a background to images showcasing Taiwan’s tourist attractions like the outlying islands, village, and people. Other sightseeing features include the cuisine and local foods and a map of Taiwan on the ceiling. In addition, the seats are covered in a rattan chair-like wrapper mimicking Taiwan’s famous rattan furniture. The overall design shows off Taiwan’s diverse culture, natural landscape, and warmth.

In order to entice more New Yorkers and international travelers to take the Taiwan sightseeing mural train, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s New York Office, in collaboration with EVA Air America and China Airlines’ New York Branch, have organized an online promotion. Each of the two airlines are giving away a single round-trip ticket from New York to Taipei. To participate in the drawing, snap a selfie with Taiwan’s sightseeing mural train and post it to social media with the hashtag #taiwanstrain or tag @ttb_na  before October 28th. The drawing will be held a week after the event ends. The winners will be announced on the Taiwan Tourism Bureau North America Instagram page (

Xu Weiwen, director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, said: “The New York City subway is a must-have for New Yorkers and international travelers in New York. According to statistics, the number of passengers all off last year exceeded 1.7 billion. For publicity, this is great exposure. October commemorates the anniversary of the beginning of building our nation. With Taiwan’s sightseeing mural trains, Taiwan’s rich culture and majestic mountains and resources are promoted to New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world who can experience the richness of Taiwan while commuting. The friendliness, multiculturalism, and beauty of the murals can enhance Taiwan’s visibility abroad, especially on New Year’s in New York. It is particularly meaningful to show Taiwanese characteristics to the world through subway train murals.”

Wen Jiasi, director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s New York Office, Communications, said: “Taiwan, known for the friendly people and welcoming of international travellers, the cities are not only full of vitality, but the village also have unique natures and cultural customs. This year in Taiwan, the focus is on Hsinchu. The Hsinchu station and Grand Central have recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of being sister stations. Taiwan’s railways are fascinating. The scenery on each route has its own characteristics. Everyone is welcome to travel to Taiwan to take the rail tour. Experience the diverse charm of Taiwan tourism.”

Taiwan has a wealth of interesting coastline, ecological landscapes, and cultural resources. EVA and China Airlines have direct flights to Taiwan from New York. Taiwan has opened up the visa exemption program to 63 countries. Taiwan and the United States use automatic customs clearance, the world’s first. This year, several international conferences and events will be held in Taiwan, including the World’s Most Beautiful Sea Carnival (2018.9.27-10.31 in Wuhu), the International Flower Expo (2018.11.3-2019.4.24 in Taichung), and the 9th Asian Birdwatching Expo (2018.11.16-20 in Chiayi), and many more. For more information on events, festivals, and touring Taiwan in general, please visit