By: David Hsu

When it comes to putting down some roots, real estate is definitely one of life’s biggest decisions. So let Asian Fusion help you out a little bit. Finding the perfect home is most definitely everyone’s top priority; so here are some of Asian Fusion’s picks if you’re in the market for a home this spring.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn – Brooklyn has been “up and coming” for over a decade, so it’s no surprise that Fort Greene would be a great place to call home. With tree-lined streets, brick row houses and brownstones, you will feel right at home in Fort Greene. With bustling flea markets, a world renowned performance space, trendy boutiques, fabulous restaurants and a rich literary and artistic tradition, Fort Greene attracts residents looking for a slower pace of living without sacrificing the vibrancy of urban life. Historic brownstones and row houses make up most of the majority of the available real estate and it’s common to find neighbors catching up on their stoops and kids playing on the neighborhood’s quiet streets.


Forrest Hills, Queens – Queens is known for being a great place for families.  Forest Hills is five subway stops and a world away from Manhattan. A few high-rises aside, the skyline is low and the houses are detached. Curved streets and Tudor-style buildings cover the neighborhood’s midsection, which is taken up by a planned community named Forest Hills Gardens. The commercial streets are modest and the community is family-oriented — a neighborhood best known as a place to settle and stay put.

Forrest Hills, Queens

Riverdale, Bronx – There is something quaint and homey about Riverdale. You will feel like a New Yorker, but have the space and greenery of the suburbs. Telling a Manhattanite you live in Riverdale might conjure an image of a sought-after Bronx neighborhood; Riverdale is practically a borough. Some of its gridded, sidewalked sections resemble suburban New York; some sections toward the Hudson River resemble rural Connecticut — fine homes, tall trees, rock walls. The subway ride to Midtown takes about 45 minutes. In Riverdale, the quiet is quieter, the green seems greener and the housing costs are a little lower.

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Manhattanville – Finding affordable living in Manhattan is not an easy feat. Being uptown and not far from several colleges can definitely add perks to the neighborhood. For an area so small — 122nd to 136th Streets, from the Hudson River to St. Nicholas and Manhattan Avenues — Manhattanville covers a lot of psychogeographical ground. West 125th, home to the Cotton Club, feels like Harlem, while the southwest corner is oriented toward Riverside Park, where you can stand at the top of the hill and see the George Washington Bridge.

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Washington Heights, Manhattan – Both Washington Heights & Sugar Hill are great spots to find your new home. Washington Heights is a neighborhood in the northern portion of Manhattan. The area, with over 150,000 residents, is named for Fort Washington, a fortification constructed at the highest point on Manhattan island by Continental Army troops during the American Revolutionary War. The Art Stroll is an annual festival of the arts that highlights local artists. Public places in Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill host impromptu galleries, readings, performances and markets over several weeks each summer.  Many small shops are located on West 181st Street at the southern end of the neighborhood, and all along Broadway.

Washington Heights, Manhattan

Bayside, Queens – Bayside is a great neighborhood to start a family. And to find a two bedroom home for as low as $300 thousand means you will have a good amount of dough left to take care of your growing family. Bayside is bordered by the Bronx to the north across the Long Island Sound and Douglaston Manor across the Little Neck Bay. The neighborhood of Bayside Hills is itself a newer subdivision within Bayside.


Kingsbridge, Bronx – Living in New York does not always mean having a lot of room to move around. In Kingsbridge, you will find affordable 3 bedrooms to spread out in.  Kingsbridge is poised to become the most popular part of the city in 2017 thanks to factors including its strong shopping district, relative affordability and easy access to the subway.  As people are priced out of Manhattan, Kingsbridge in the Bronx is a great option with proximity to the 1 train and several major roadways. Located just under Riverdale, an area that’s received a lot of recent interest, it makes sense that people are turning their attention to its previously under-the-radar neighbor.  Kingsbridge offers great transportation options and proximity to Manhattan, as well as numerous Bronx cultural and recreational sites.


Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn – If you want to live in Brooklyn for an affordable price, check out Sheepshead Bay.  Long identified as a place where immigrants carved a quiet life out of the bustling city, Sheepshead Bay is now where priced-out young professionals look for spacious rentals and foodies satisfy their appetites for diverse cuisines.  The area has been spared the explosion in popularity that most of Brooklyn experienced in the last decade, according to local residents.  In fact, Sheepshead Bay continues to exude a “mom-and-pop” feel; it’s still old Brooklyn.  But this southern Brooklyn neighborhood is starting to get noticed, and becoming more diverse as young people move in.