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From North America to Taiwan
Orient Retreat Spa brings wellness to life….

From Canada and the United States to Taiwan, Orient Retreat has been dedicated to the highest quality service and treatment since 1988, making us the leading international spa brand in the Asian community. Our customers enjoy the uniform qualities of impeccable equipment, globally standardized service procedures and the most popular and comfortable spa treatments in every Orient Retreat Spa.

Here at Orient Retreat New York, we provide a complete range of spa services to give customers a one-stop, unique relaxation experience. From massage therapies and therapeutic facial treatments to aromatherapy, Orient Retreat’s quality service and warm hospitality indulge both mind and body, bringing relaxation and contentment.

Recommended Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage Treatment time:

30 / 60 minutes. This special massage technique aims to relax tired muscles after a tense day; best to enjoy after a body scrub or before a body wrap.

23K Golden Spoon® Facial Treatment time:

90 minutes. Using two 23-karat warmed and iced golden spoons and herbal skin care products, this relaxing facial massage is recommended for circulation improvement and couperose conditions.

Aroma Salt Glow Treatment time:

60 minutes. After a massage with essential oils and natural sea salt, enjoy a warm body wrap to detoxify the whole body; recommended for weight loss and emergency care after over-indulgent weekends.

La Stone Therapy ® Treatment time:

90 minutes. Energy enhancing work, ice and hot stone massage, Indian Hopi purifying ritual, personal blend oil. This treatment is recommended for circulation improvement, fatigue, headache, muscle ache, lack of energy, immune system disorder and other stress-related symptoms.

Healing Flower Remedy ® Treatment time:

90 minutes. The Healing Flower Remedy Treatment utilizes a holistic mind and body healing concept to relieve negative emotions and heal the body through the mind. This treatment combines 39 different selections of pure flower essences, 4 kinds of precious flower essential oils, and color therapy to create a deep body and mind healing experience.

72 hours Micro Peel Treatment time:

30 minutes. This is the trendy spa goer’s best kept secret for younger looking skin. The treatment combines the unique penetrating properties of micro molecules and the healing-oriented nature of color spectrum therapy along with the ultra-sound diffusion of pure oxygen essence, enhancing the metabolism of skin cells to achieve a great toning and rejuvenating effect. It reduces wrinkles, lightens scar tissue, and improves overall skin texture. Results can be seen within 72 hours after the first treatment.

At Orient Retreat Spa, Treatments are only part of the spa experience

Escaping from the pressures of the city upon check-in, your spa treatment starts with an essential oil infused towel and healthy herb tea.

After changing, start with a refreshing shower to cleanse the body of tension; then warm the body and mind with sauna and steam bath to prepare for your treatment.

After entering your personal treatment room, start by selecting your preferred essential oil. Your therapist will then begin the treatment by studying your body and mind’s needs, and specially tailor appropriate oil blends and products to focus on treatment of particular areas of discomfort. After the session, the therapist will complete your treatment with suggestions for home care.

Replenishing the mind and body
Calm your mood at our spa café / relaxation lounge with herbal teas, juices, or a selection of delectable and healthy refreshments.

After changing, return to the reception
desk to browse the home spa area and reserve
your next appointment.