Paradise Found in the House of Eden

Paradise Found
in the House of Eden

By Rigche Ma 
House of Eden is located in Queens Crossing Mall, at 136-17 39th Ave, GF, Flushing, NY 11354.
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That is, if your idea of heavenly is a garden of gems, sparkling like fallen stars paying homage to the crystal orb chandelier hovering from the celling. House of Eden is a brightly lit realm with all glass on two of its walls, and small items glittering from behind glass counters.

This is the abode that houses fashion jewelry from a small host of master designers, all thoughtfully selected for the chic and celestial qualities in their designs; angels that go by such names as Pandora, Crislu and Swarovski – each faithful in craftsmanship and fine designs. There are other younger brands, too, such as Dogeared and Tai, newly in vogue and tethering on the verge of explosive adoration. It may be the magic of extensive trays of Pandora bracelet charms (House of Eden has the only Pandora outlet in Flushing), or the a niche in the swanky and trend-conscious.

The ingenuity of House of Eden is found in the way it presents a variety of styles without dazzling to the point of overwhelming customers with giddiness. It becomes easy, and enjoyable, to examine trinkets and little treasures arranged by authentic name brands and kept up to season, in a storefront conveniently located in a busy neighborhood.

The invisible hand of the buying team, who regularly traverse continents, sometimes all within a week, carefully weighs options against the aesthetics of the up-to-date and discerning patron; no simple feat since it entails foresight in fashion and intuition for preferences. House of Eden constantly adds to the list of designers to reflect changing trends.

As Assistant Manager Peter Jiang shares, “I’ve observed that our clients often do not show the same inclinations as others from, perhaps Manhattan. We seem to have forged an understanding with our customers, as we serve a  high volume who return to House of Eden to make a purchase.”

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Aside from tastes, the forbidden fruit is not so forbidden in House of Eden. In fact, it is affordable, and with good reason; wrought mostly in silver or plated with gold – to keep costs down, the pieces do not compromise exquisiteness and still remain affordable guilt-free temptations that the wearer can flaunt with ease. Often, clients find that House of Eden carries products suitable as substitute pieces for everyday wear while the ones with more value, sentimentally or otherwise, are kept in safe storage.

With this in mind, House of Eden deliberately checks its price range, for inclusivity and to spread the joy of exclusive fashion jewelry – which happens to be, in many cases, also the perfect gift for special occasions. First-time lovers, fresh graduates, the newly promoted or simply counting blessings, all turn to House of Eden to choose the right expression of love, recognition or remembrance to immortalize the precious moments in life. And, many a gift-giver finds their prayer for the perfect gift answered at House of Eden.

If happiness is found in the joy of giving, then House of Eden is the place where you can choose to be happy.