Peter How

By Cheryl Xue

Congratulations to our very own celebrity chef Mr. Peter How, who has been selected to be the new President of the Asian-American Restaurant Association!

Peter How is the Culinary Director and Executive Chef of the magnificent Jade Restaurant in Flushing, Queens. He has been in the culinary field for 40 years. His specialty includes, but is not limited to, Asian Fusion, French, Italian and Mexican cuisines. Mr. How is also the selected Master Chef for James Beard Foundation’s 2011 Chinese New Year Banquet. He performed his exquisite culinary skills and delivered an excellent banquet to New Yorkers from all fields on February 24th, 2011.

Despite so many honors to his credit, Mr. How is in fact a very easy-going person full of fun. He was very willing to share with me his success story and what he’s looking forward to in 2011.

As the new President of the Asian-American Restaurant Association, Mr. How is going to organize chefs from all over the United States to develop new dishes and increase the brand of Chinese cuisine in America. As the leader, he will organize global trips for chefs to travel, either back to China, Hong Kong, or other Asian countries and Europe to observe, taste and discuss the new culinary skills, dishes and global food trends. “This is the key to get inspired and develop new dishes.” Peter said, “New elements can bring us together. In the culinary trips, chefs can communicate well with each other, from different fields and countries. This is how we make progress.”

Actually, besides being the executive chef for Jade Restaurant, Mr. How himself is a traveler. “Basically I travel to a new place every two months,” he said, grinning, “so I can gain a hands-on experience on how the other great chefs are doing.”

Mr. How is also concerned with the current situation of Chinese cuisine in New York. “So far no hotels in New York have owned a Chinese restaurant. To improve the status of Chinese cuisine in New York, we are working hard on introducing Chinese restaurants into hotels.” Thus, with this goal in mind, Mr. How is actively working with several hotel owners and managers in New York, using his influence in the Asian-American Restaurant Association.

Although he has been super busy with his career and carrying on the responsibilities of the Asian-American Restaurant Association, Mr. How is also very much a family guy: his children have grown up and have begun to pursue their own dreams. Nowadays Mr. How enjoys cooking for his wife and himself at home. “At home I usually use Malaysian spices to cook,” he told me with a warm smile, “Because this is where I grew up. I love my hometown flavor!” I’m sure that his wife is one of the happiest women in the world by looking at how happy Peter is when he talks about cooking for his family.

With his incredible ambition, and strong mobility, we are certain that Mr. How will continue to achieve great culinary heights in 2011. This is a great chef who loves his family and is consistently working hard on elevating Chinese cuisine and Asian cuisines in America.