By Ricky Chen

Make cooking an adventure with Peugeot’s new exclusive collection of 11 spices. Peugeot has introduced Spice Cubes, an exclusive collection of spices curated by the company. for inquisitive lovers of flavor, culinary discovery and excellence.

The Spice Cubes come packaged in square glass jars with colorful labels that describe the flavors inside. Company officials said the spices “add new dimensions to home cooking” and are gift-able on their own or combined with a Peugeot mill in a gourmet gift basket.

The small jars are 2.75-inches tall and the large jars are 4-inches tall. Spices include a wide variety of flavors including pepper, salt, nutmeg and other spices from exotic locales.

The new Peugeot Spice Cubes have suggested retail prices ranging from $8 to $15.  Peugeot Spice Cubes are available at Williams-Sonoma and Bed, Bath & Beyond

An exclusive spice collection for the adventure of cooking, for a journey of culinary discovery and excellence, including:

. Tan Hoi Black Pepper from Vietnam: Intense piquancy, with discrete flavor and aromas.

. Sarawak White Pepper from Malaysia: Light and fresh, to heighten and flavor with finesse and subtlety.

. Timut Wild Pepper from Nepal: Fruity and delicately floral, with warming piquancy and tangy sensations.

. Voatsiperifery Wild Pepper from Madagascar: Rosy, earthy and exotic notes, full of freshness and sweetness.

. Mondolkiri Red Pepper from Cambodia: Bursting with aromas of ripe, almost candied fruits and sweet, floral notes.

. Persian Blue Salt from Iran: Very salty, with a hint of spice evolving into tangy aromas

. Sel de Gueramde Wet Sea Salt from France: Harvested traditionally and unrefined for purity and natural mineral richness.

. Sel Rose de L’Himalaya Pink Salt from Pakistan: Gentle but intense, with crunchy granular texture, exceptional mineral richness.

. Cristaux de Del Blanc Coarse Salt from Germany: Aromatic power and subtlety – the most essential of ingredients.

. Muscade Nutmeg from Indonesia: Warm aroma, with a smooth aura of sweetness and exoticism.

. Pili Pili Whole Chili Peppers from Malawi: Lifts the culinary mood as the go-to ingredient for assertive cuisine.