By MeI Chen

PhoBar is a new Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Chinatown serving contemporary cuisine with a focus on pho, or noodle soup. Following the success of the first location in Greenwich Village, which opened in summer 2018, chef and owner Mike Khuu and co-founder Li Pien are thrilled tto introduce their second location of PhoBar located at 43 Mott Street.

Incorporating thoughtful sourcing, quality ingredients, and refined culinary techniques to further amplify the classic, bold flavors of Vietnam, PhoBar aims to bring further awareness to the depth and complexity of Vietnamese culinary traditions.

The new location will feature a larger space with more seating as well as offerings that are exclusive to the Chinatown location, including a 25-hour broth flavored with angus prime beef bones and a deconstructed pho pot with its own heat source and DIY ingredients. The menu also features creative takes on traditional Viet dishes including, Spicy Short Rib Pho, Snow Crab & Shrimp Rieu, Lobster Pho, and even a Surf & Turf Pho.

Inspired by the vibrancy of retro Saigon, the restaurant’s design incorporates vibrant colors and elements reminiscent of the country’s landscape like bamboo, and jungle foliage, set within a chic and minimalistic space.